Chapter 18

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The movie was just up to the bit where Ally is waiting by the dam for Noah to finish setting up the house that he would go for wanted repair. I sat there quietly watching as it led up to the scene where they attempt to sleep together but get interrupted. As Noah and Ally first kissed, I felt something warm and moist pressed against the back of my neck. I felt Damien pull my hair to the side and kissed along my neck. I turned my head and lightly pressed my lips onto his in a sweet but passionate kiss. I don't know when but after that kiss we both fell asleep.

When I woke up I was on top of him and Damien was still asleep, so I climbed off him and headed to my room. It had been a while since I had been for a run so I decided while I waited for Damien to wake up, I would go for a run through the park just around the block.

I walked past my aunt's room and into the room at the very end of the hall with the pink and purple roses at the top right corner of the cream coloured door. I opened the handle and walked in, quietly closing the door behind me. I walked over to the closet door beside my bathroom. I hadn't run for a while so my running clothes were put away in a box on the top of my closet. I walked over to the back and pulled open the very back and bottom draw of my draw set.

I grabbed a pair of black short shorts and a pink tank with the words, Run Like A Girl, printed in black bold letters. I grabbed my iPod off the bedside table and plugged my headphones in. The song All Night Long by LMFAO blasted in my ears as I ran down the road and took a right turn towards the park.

As the park came into view, I pushed myself harder and let the smell of green grass fill my lungs. I don't know how long I ran for but my muscles were aching like hell.

When I returned home, for once, I walked straight in and went up into my room. My room was a mixture of colours, mostly black, purple, and white and even a little bit of pink. The wall where my door is is white with a black border around the doorframe. The rest of the walls are a dark shade purple with black bordering the walls in the corners and the top and bottom of the walls with a white roof and white fluffy carpet. My furniture was matching. My favourite thing was my bed. It was a dark purple with black butterflies and black pillow cases. There was a ton of black and purple fluffy pillows on the bed as well. It had a white frame that basically went to the roof and had black, purple and white netting hanging off of the square formed on the roof. Basically, my room was awesome. And that is putting it lightly.

I went into my closet and walked towards the back and stopped at the end. Where all the cupboards, with my old clothes in them, are. I took my headphones out and put my iPod in the iPod dock in my room. I pressed play and my music blasted at full sound. I tore open my cupboard door and pulled out all the boxes, full of clothes, and just threw the clothes on the floor. I can sort through them later. First, I had to get rid of my dull clothes and box them up in a closet. Half the clothes on the floor I had never worn before. Once I had emptied all five cupboards of the boxes, I went over and boxed up all of my clothes that I wore just after my parents died. They were all black or grey and showed no feeling. They made me seem like a bad person or just someone you shouldn't talk to.

The new me, was a girl full of life, colour and happiness. While my parents had died and everyone from my old life had rejected me, my parents knew it wasn't my fault, that I didn't want them to die and they would want me to be happy. I had to learn to feel but not block everyone out.

Once all my clothes were boxed up, I neatly stacked the boxes in the cupboards. Now, I had to refold all the clothes on the floor and hang the dresses up on the rack. By the time I would be done (its 6:15am now), it would be time for breakfast and everyone would be awake. Of course I would have a shower before I go downstairs.

It is now 9:00 am. That's write it almost took me three hours to sort through all my clothes. And they all only just fit. And my shoe rack looked amazing now that it was over flowing with shoes.

I headed out of my closet and into my bathroom, where I took my clothes of and jumped, literally, into the shower. I was in there for about 15min. I dried myself off and wrapped the towel around myself. I walked over to my closet and picked out an outfit with accessories, shoes and everything.

My outfit consisted of a boob-tube multi-coloured floral dress that went just above mid-thigh, black gladiator heels; a heart shaped gold chain with a matching ring, coloured bangles and a clutch that matched my dress perfectly.

Once I was ready, I went back into the bathroom and applied minimum make up (foundation, mascara and lip gloss) then headed down the hall to my aunts kitchen. When o rounded the corner to the kitchen my aunts smiled and nodded approvingly while Damien's jaw hit the floor. If our jaw could get that low, I would mean that literally.

It seems that the two people I cared about most actually approved of this change in me. At least I was back. Now I'm keen for school baby.

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