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Tre's POV

As soon as the plane landed we headed for the only pizza place that was still opened at this hour. Two pizzas later, we were all jet legged, tired, and had agreed to head home. I went to phone a cab when Billie stopped me.

"Instead of going home, I was wondering if you wanted to stay the night?" Billie asked. He sounded so nervous asking me. It was absolutely adorable.

"My home is wherever you are, pretty boy." I told him.

Billie absolutely beamed at me. I can be pretty smooth when I want to be.

One cab ride later we were at Billie's house. I had barley stepped through the door when Billie pinned me against the wall and slammed his lips against mine. I ran my fingers through his hair and kissed him back. I felt Billie's tongue enter my mouth as he deepened the kiss. I grabbed a huge chunk of Billie's hair and yanked his head back, exposing his neck. Billie gasped as I moved my mouth to his neck. Billie slid his hands up my shirt and I felt them move around my chest. Billie pulled off my shirt and began to kiss my chest.

"Wait." I said, stopping him.

Billie sprang up, looking concerned.

"Are you ok? I'm sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable." Billie said quickly. I never feel any pressure when I'm with Billie. I know that I'll always be safe with him.

"No, don't worry, you didn't. I'm just so tired from the plane. Can we continue this tomorrow?" I asked.

Billie smiled and kissed my nose. "Whatever you like, Frankie."

Billie took my hand and lead me to the bedroom. We stripped down to our boxers and climbed into his bed. I curled up to Billie and felt him kiss my forehead.

"I love you, Tre."

It really is strange hearing Billie say that he loved me. As I laid there I thought about my life and I thought about all the moments I had felt but decided to ignore. I thought about the first time Billie had kissed me on stage and how little by little I understood that there are many types of love. We do not choose the ones we fall in love with, and our perception of happiness is our own and is determined by what we experience.

"I love you too, Billie."


I woke up the next day, late in the afternoon. I leaned over and realized Billie wasn't in bed with me. I looked and he had left me a note on his bedside table.

"Dear Frankie,

Went to take care of some things. I'll be back soon with food. Than we can cuddle each others faces off. Make yourself comfortable while I'm gone.

Love always, Pretty Boy."

Aw, he signed it with his nickname. I went to get changed, when I realized I had pizza sauce all over my shirt from last night. No worries, I'll just borrow a shirt from my beloved, pretty boy. I went through Billie's closet and looked through all his shirts. I stopped in my tracks when I found a pink tank top that said "Mike's bitch" on it. I bet there's a story behind that. I threw on one of his button up shirts and headed downstairs. What to do while I wait for him? Suddenly I had a brilliant idea and went running upstairs to take all the bedding off of Billie's bed. I brought it downstairs and began to rearrange Billie's living room furniture until it formed a structure. I began throwing sheets and blankets on top of all the furniture. In no time, I had created the perfect blanket fort for us to cuddle in.

As I was sitting in the fort I heard the door bell ring. That must be Billie. I crawled out of the fort and went to let Billie in. I opened the door and froze. Every part of my body went completely numb as I stared at Adrienne standing alone on the doorstep.

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