King For A Day

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Tre's POV

I started laughing.

"What?" Billie looked a bit nervous as he asked this.

"You better prepare yourself, pretty boy." I warned. "I don't back off. Sober I'd kick your ass at this, but I'm nice and drunk right now so, you really don't stand a chance."

I was absolutely right and he knew it. I do stupid shit that makes people question my sexuality everyday, completely sober. Did he actually think he was going to win?

Billie gave me a look of excitement, "We'll see."

As he said this Billie moved closer to me. I stayed where I was on the bed. Billie straddled me and wrapped his arms around my neck.

"Last chance." He teased.

"Bitch please." I grabbed a handful of his hair and kissed him hard. I could tell he was surprised but than he deepened the kiss. I decided to have some fun and roughened the kiss. Billie's lips moved with mine and soon he had opened my mouth and slid his tongue in. I started to breath heavily. I wasn't expecting Billie to be this good. Billie noticed this and started sucking on my neck. He used the tip of his tongue and began to move up my neck to my ear. He bit my ear and whispered, "Give up yet?"

I quickly pinned Billie to the bed and got right in his face and whispered, "Make me."

I bit his lip and began kissing and sucking on his neck. I moved his red tie out of the way and undid the first few buttons of his top, moving my lips lower as I went. Billie let out a soft moan. I quietly laughed, "Not so tough now, pretty boy."

Billie grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me close so he could kiss me. He began to thrust into me and I realized he was hard as fuck. No surprise there, I'm pretty good. Suddenly Billie grabbed my hard dick and I completely froze. This feels like more than a game...

Billie's voice broke my thoughts

"Chicken! You loose, drink up!"

Wait what? I sat up and he handed me my drink.

"Come on chug it, chicken."

I rolled my eyes and chugged my beer.

"Alrighty Billie, what are the boundaries here?" I questioned.

"Boundaries? Who said anything about boundaries?" He said with a smirk.

"Come on Billie, I may be an idiot but I'm not stupid."

This made him laugh.

"Seriously man. If we play this again I'm probably not going to back off. We need to set some boundaries. How far can this go?"

Billie stared at me for a while before saying, "I don't think we need boundaries. That's the fun of the game, seeing who the chicken is."

He and I were still breathing hard. I don't think he realized how fucking turned on I was.

"So, what if neither of us back off and I just started fucking you?" I started giggling a little as I said this. The alcohol had really started effecting me and suddenly everything seemed so funny.

"Than I guess you fuck me and neither of us are chickens."

I knew Billie was bi and considering how much I had enjoyed this game I guess that meant I was too. Still there was one thing I needed to ask before this could go any further.

"Aren't you dating that chick, Adrienne?" I asked.

Billie's face dropped. I didn't like how sad he looked. It was how he always looked lately. Since he got to my room it was the happiest I had seen him in a while.

"Believe me, it's completely fine." He said at last.

"She won't mind at all?" I questioned.

Billie raised an eyebrow and got that, "I'm a smartass" look.

"Well Tre, I was going to give you another chance to redeem yourself but if you're not up for it than that makes you chicken for life. From now on, everyday when you wake up I'll say, 'Good morning chicken!' If you eat KFC I'll yell, 'No chicken, that's your family!' And when-"

I yanked his red tie and pulled him close to my face. That shut him up.

"We'll see, Armstrong," I said.

Billie looked surprised but excited.

"Game on," he replied.

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