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Below Or Above? by XPunkLoveX
Below Or Above?by XPunkLoveX
Billie Joe is a demon from Hell. Tre is an angel from Heaven. What happens when they meet and fall in love?
Just Pretend by alltheidiots
Just Pretendby tobi
What would you do if one of your best friends asked you to pretend to be in a relationship with them to their unwanted marriage? It's all just pretend anyway though... r...
Because I love you (trillie oneshots) by ella_the_busstation
Because I love you (trillie Ella_the_busstation
Title says it all I guess I decided to make one of these even though I'm fully aware that everything in this book is a piece of shit
Love? by zygcns
Love?by zygcns
Billie loved Tre. But will Tre feel the same way? or will Billie be rejected and heartbroken?
Fell for you (trillie one shot)  by twodollarbillo
Fell for you (trillie one shot) by TwoDollarBillo
Trillie. Do I need to say anything else? Well, in case that's not enough for you, Billie and Tré have been in the band for a while but Billie starts feeling things for...
Daddy's Little Psycho {DISCONTINUED} by DallonsDoritos
Daddy's Little Psycho { Not Online, Sorry
"You aren't supposed to be up here." "Listen here, pretty boy, I'll go where I wish, when I wish, so, how about you come with me and we can both ditch thi...
Random Requests/One Shots by CallMeWhatsername
Random Requests/One Shotsby CallMeWhatsername
Smut warning 18+ In this book, I'll have short stories. If you have any requests, questions, comments, feel free to let me know! Any spelling errors or anything like th...
Stay The Night by trecoolhas1ball
Stay The Nightby Stevie Quinn
When Billie seems down Tre invites him for a night of movies and drinking. Things quickly escalate when Billie suggest they play chicken. A Trillie love story. Warning:...
The Bully (Trillie) by ShitHeadeddd
The Bully (Trillie)by Shit headed
Tré Cool is just a 17 year old who's very bullied at school for being gay. He may also have a small crush on his Bully... Billie Joe Armstrong's your average jock. A ver...
Forever and a day by ella_the_busstation
Forever and a dayby Ella_the_busstation
Billie joe has been divorced from Adrienne for nearly two years. He realises he has feelings for Tré and finds out Tré likes him too.
need // Green Day fan fic ((EDITING)) by strawbilliesss
need // Green Day fan fic (( maya🎭🖤
"Billie, he may want you, but I need you..." - - - trillie angst/fluff story - - - warning: has swearing, abuse, and rape. - - - - 🌸...
Landline (Trillie) by phangirl06
Landline (Trillie)by space cadet
<< Green Day >> After a strange event, Tré Cool is on edge. He cannot come to terms with his emotions. Will he crack under the pressure of the beginning of G...
The Roommate - Trillie by Whatsehisname_99
The Roommate - Trillieby Whatsehisname_99
"My name is Billie Joe Armstrong. I am 19 years old, and starting college tomorrow. Honestly, I'm kinda stressed about it, but I'm sure I'll be fine... Right? - Bee...
The Bully (Trillie Fanfic) by frank_is_bae
The Bully (Trillie Fanfic)by //froggy//
What happens when you get feelings for the one that hurts you? ---------- Trè is a troubled teen, living with his mom and sister. He's 17, with a heartbreaking life. Th...
Take your breath away (Trillie) by nimrodfan
Take your breath away (Trillie)by I like GD
When Billie Joe Armstrong and Tré Cool meet infront of the principals office and decide to ditch the rest of the day what will the future bring them? They each gain a fr...
Savior//Trillie// by dirnt-bag
Savior//Trillie//by sincerely,
Billie has trouble out in the street but Frank saves him. His savior. Will this friendship evolve into something else?
How Long Is Forever? by trecoolhas1ball
How Long Is Forever?by Stevie Quinn
In the darkest moment of his life, Billie must decide if he wants to continue living. I don't want to give away anything more then that! Buckle up for a very dramatic t...
For the love of my life... (Trillie) by ProstheticNimrod
For the love of my life... ( Leah
BOOK 2 OUT!! Boom! Kazam! Two opposites attract once again. Tre cool, Rich, popular, class clown, the most badass. Then there's Billie Joe. Poor, unpopular, a target fo...
One-Shots by killingkilgrave
One-Shotsby Ambitious... but rubbish
(multi-ship one-shots) This is where all my one-shots that aren't mpreg will be kept. Non-ship one-shots will be in their allocated one-shots books based on their franch...
Whatshisname (Trillie) by nimrodfan
Whatshisname (Trillie)by I like GD
Tré is a new 16 year old junior at Fleetwood High and had noticed a boy named Billie, a 17 year old junior, who has really caught his eye. After hanging out with him for...