Stuck With Me

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Tre's POV

*A few weeks later.

The crowd kept cheering as we ran off stage. We were all drenched in sweat.

"Oh my god, that was fucking awesome!" Mike yelled.

We quickly left the building and went on the tour bus. We all showered and got changed. There was a huge party across town that Mike had heard about. I was all pumped to go when I realized that Billie was just going to sit in his hotel room all night reading whatever book Adrienne slammed up his ass this week. I walked over to Mike, who was all set to go.

"You know what, Mike? I think I'm gonna pass on tonight."

"You sure man? There's gonna be a lot of girls and booze."

I laughed, "Yeah man, go have fun."

Mike shrugged and left. I walked over to the couch and sat across from Billie. I looked over at him, there he was on the couch reading again. I don't know what's wrong with him. He use to want to stay out all night getting drunk and making mistakes he wouldn't remember the next day. Now he just sits there and reads. Billie may not look his age but he fucking acts it. This needs to stop.

I jumped on his lap and ripped the book out of his hands.

"Tre! Give that back." Billie laughed.

I stood up and held the book over his head so he couldn't reach it.

"I always forget how tiny you are Bill."

Billie sighed, "Ok Tre. What will it take to get my book back?"

"An evening with me."

Billie looked at me skeptically, "An evening with you?"

I sat down next to him, "Look Bill, you've changed. I know Adrienne doesn't want you drinking anymore and that's fine, but you gotta cut loose a bit. You're just not the same anymore and I think one good night might bring you back a bit."

He stared at the floor and sighed, "You're right. Look I know you're right but Adrie..."

I interrupted him, "So we wont go to a club. I'll go get a few 6 packs and we'll get drunk and watch some movies in my hotel room. Mikes already left so, it'll just be us."

Billie considered my offer for a moment and smiled, "I guess that would be fine. I mean how much trouble could we get into?"

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