See You Tonight

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Tre's POV

Billie was in my hotel room by 8. He brought over a shit tun of movies. To my dismay they were mostly horror movies.

"What's wrong, Tre? You scared?" He teased.

"Pfft nope. I've seen your mom naked. Nothing scares me now." I couldn't stop laughing as I said it. I was still laughing as Billie kicked me in the shin.

We put on the movie, IT (the original one). We decided to play the Stephen King drinking game to make the movie more interesting. We took a shot because the movie took place in Derry, Maine. Another shot because all the characters are assholes. Another shot for the stereotype loser gang. We took a shot because there was an alcoholic close to the main character. That was as far as we got with the game. (If you've seen a Stephen King movie you know why!) At this point we were good and drunk which made that fucking clown even scarier. We watched a scene where the clown came out of the shower drain. I jumped and hid behind Billie.

He laughed, "Aw, is little Tre scared?"

"No, you're scared." I whispered.

Billie tilted his head and grinned,

"Well if you can't handle this, we could do another drinking game."

Thank god, I really can't handle these movies. I tried to seem calm.
"Ok sure but only because you're totally scared. What game?"

"Have you ever played chicken?" He asked.

"Isn't that when you sit on someones shoulders in a pool?" I questioned.

Billie rolled his eyes, "Do you see a pool?"

"Bill, the only thing that's smart about you is your mouth." I noted.

"Fair enough." He admitted. "In this version someone moves in like they're going to kiss the other person until one of us backs off and loses. You loose, you drink."

I raised an eyebrow, "And what if neither of us back off?"

"Than you keep escalating it till someone cracks."

"Why Mr.Armstrong, are you trying to come on to me?" I joked.

"Hey, if you don't have the balls to play... or should I say ball?"

"Fuck you!" I yelled.

"Only if you get me drunk enough." He smirked.

I took a huge swing of my drink. "Alright Billie Joe, you're on."

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