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Tres POV

*One hour later

There was a breakfast buffet at the hotel. Mike texted me to let me know he and Billie were already there. I could smell bacon cooking from the elevator and it was driving me fucking insane. I was still pretty hung over and figured I'd clog my arteries with as much greasy food as I could stomach. I saw Mike and Billie sitting at a table near the back. I sat down next to Billie and burst out laughing when I saw Mike. He was definitely hung over and looked like he was still a little drunk.

"Eventful night, Mike?" I asked.

He laughed, "You could say that."

Billie leaned over towards me, "Apparently he's in love."

"Is that so? Well I had assumed you had just burned yourself with a curling iron, but I guess that makes more sense." I said, referencing the large hickey Mike wasn't even trying to hide.

Mike laughed, "We met last night and as you can see we hit it off just fine. Her name is Amanda."

As Mike said the name I quickly looked over at Billie to see his reaction. He didn't seem to even notice. He was happily stuffing his mouth with bacon. Mike noticed me staring and laughed, "That's like his third plate."

Billie smiled to himself and kept eating.

"What have you been doing, Bill?" Mike continued sarcastically, "Exercising?"

Billie smiled to himself, "In a manner of speaking."

Oh fuck.

"I'm gonna get something greasy for my hangover." I said, giving me an excuse to leave.

I absolutely filled my plate with bacon, hash browns and French toast. When I got back to the table Mike and Billie seemed to be in a pretty heated argument.

"hey, what's going on?" I asked.

As Billie turned and looked at me he was wearing his "I'm a smartass" face.

"Well you see Tre, Mike was pretty ballsy last night." Billie said, trying hard to keep a straight face.

"Shut up Billie Joe, you're full of shit!" Mike snapped.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Go on Mike." Billie said, "Show Tre the picture of Amanda."

Mike handed me his phone. "Tell Billie he's full of shit."

I looked at a photo of Mike kissing what was clearly a black guy in a blonde wig.

I lost my shit and choked on my food. Billie joined in and we were both laughing our asses off.

"Mike was he at least gentle?" I asked.

"Wait, Tre you too? Are you guys actually saying Amanda is a guy?" Mike started looking a little anxious.

"Wait Mike, you said their name was Amanda?" I asked.

Mike nodded. I absolutely lost my shit.

"Mike, think about it. A man, Duh!"

Suddenly it didn't matter if Mike ever found out about Billie and I.

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