Chapter eighteen

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My world had been dark for what seems like a lifetime. A lifetime of unhappiness.

As I start to wake up, I'm enveloped by a cold and bitter darkness. It looks as if I'm down in the sewer. What the heck am I doing down here?

I look to my left and spot another figure on the floor wearing a dress. She was still but still breathing.

I ran up to her. "Beverly? Beverly wake up." I say quietly. She opens her eyes and sits up. "Y/n? Where are we? What are you doing here? Why am I here?" She panics and asks so many questions.

"Calm down bev. I'll explain later. For now, we need to find a way out of this mud hole" I explain. She nods her head.

I suddenly hear a noise coming from the giant tower that stood before us. It sounded like a Jack in the box. When the song ended, a little figure of Pennywise popped up. That is odd.

Before me and Beverly could leave, a big door opener to reveal an odd stage type thing. Broken down carnival music started playing again and a puff of smoke came up from the floor to reveal non other than Pennywise.

It started to do a little dance whilst staring right at us. "Run!" Beverly shouts. "Beverly no!" I say. We can't make it out alive.

Pennywise captures Beverly as she tries her best to run to the exit. It clasped a hand around her throat. It's mouth began to open, revealing thousands of sharp teeth and a red light.

Beverly began to float up in the air. I have to get out of here and get the losers. They'll know what to do.

I ran past Pennywise and into the sewer tunnels. I hope I wasn't noticed.

I run around aimlessly. I'm never going to find a way out. "Where you going y/n? Aha!" The clown says with a laugh.

I keep running until I see a slither of light. Is that my way out?

I run towards it just to realise that I did a full circle. I was back at pennywise's tower. My body starts to tremble and my breath can be seen in the air. There is no hope left for me.

Footsteps sound behind me and I turn around. It was Pennywise. "You lost your hope y/n? Because no one is coming to save you. B-B-Bill isn't coming to save you" it says.

The last thing I hear or feel is the running water and my body hit the floor hard.

I fear this is the end for me...

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