Chapter eight

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I begin to slowly regain consciousness but can't open my eyes.

"What happened to her?" I hear a voice ask in concern. "I-I-I don't k-know! Sh-she j-just lied there, her head w-was bleeding!" Another person exclaims.

A long and eerie silence follows. I groan and slowly start to open my eyes. Light shines into the room and by the looks of things, I'm not in my room.

I look up to see the all too familiar faces of the group. "Wh-where am I? How did I get here?! What happened?!" I start hyperventilating.

I feel a warm hand being placed on my shoulder. "H-hey it's ok" I hear Bill say. I look up at him and he looks at me. I blush and look away embarrassed.

"So y/n, you feeling any better?" Stan asks me. "Yeah I think. But you never answered my question. Where are we?" I ask once more.

"We're at Bill's house. He said that he saw you lying in the streets. Your head was bleeding." Eddie says. I just look at him waiting for him to continue but Richie finishes it for him. "Bill then picked you up and brought you to his house. Made you better." He says.

By now I have probably look astounded. "You did that...for me?" I ask looking at Bill in surprise.

He looked down. "Y-yeah of course I d-did" he nervously says. I sit up on the bed and look at him. I embrace him in a hug and eventually he hugs me back.

"Aww look at that. Two shit bags in love with each other" Richie says. I put one hand behind my back and give him my signature middle finger.

"Oh shut up Richie" I say. "At least I can get someone to like me". Everyone looks at me in shock. Richie just places a hand on his heart, pretending that my comment hurt. I just laugh at him.

"You guys are truly the most amazing group of people I have ever met" I say. Im immediately pulled into a group hug. I'm truly not alone.

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