Chapter nineteen

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Darkness. Complete loneliness. Afraid.

Is this it? Am I in the afterlife? I get up off the floor which now looks to be a road in the middle of the street. Derry street.

I begin to walk down to the one place I know best. I walk to my house and see the losers. I miss them I miss the good times we shared together.

I run up to Bill and shake his shoulder, but he doesn't notice. I walk in front of them all and again no one notices. I begin to become saddened.

I walk backwards still staring at them. Without warning I fall down a hole. It seems that I'm going to be falling forever. As soon as I hit the floor, I feel a cold dampness. I'm back in the sewer.

I see Pennywise holding Bill in his arms with Bill trying to escape. The other losers shout at it telling it things that shocked me.

"Let him go!"

"You can't take anyone else anymore!"

"First you take y/n and now your trying to take him too?!"

"Yeah what did y/n ever do to you?!"

I was shocked. It got me. It's took me away from my friends and now I have to get back.

As if on cue, I turn around to see an oddly placed door. I walk up to it and open it. Was this my way out? I take a few steps back looking at the door. "I'm coming Bill, don't your worry." I say.

I then run through the door not even caring if it was dangerous. But it wasn't. I was standing behind a big tower of rubbish which I can only guess is what Pennywise made.

I walk out from bedind the tower and see the losers looking at Pennywise who still had a hold of Bill.

"Let. Him. Go." I say slowly in attempt to scare it. "Y/n? Where did you go?" Richie asked.

"It got me..." I replied.

"Please y/n no, go save yourself. All of you get out of here and leave me." Bill says. I shake my head. "No Bill, I'm not gonna leave since I just got here. I'm not gonna leave you. Not now, not ever. We're your friends. We're losers and that's why we stick together" I say looking down afterwards.

"Please you don't understand, you can save yourself. Go!" He shouts again.

Richie walks up to me and stands next to me. "You hit me in the face, you took me to a crackhead house, you mad me walk through shitty water, and now" he says picking up a baseball bat "I'm gonna have to kill this fucking clown" he finishes.

Richie looks at me and I nod.

"Welcome to the losers club asshole!"

Hey everyone, just a quick note from me.

I'm so sorry that I haven't updated in ages I have just had so much work that I didn't have any spare time.

Thank you for all the love and support. Your all my motivation for updating.

See you in the next chapter...

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