Chapter three

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Bill decided that we should go down to the Derry tunnels. I don't know why he wanted us to go there but I just go along with it because I said I would hang with these guys for a bit.

"Hey so, why are we here?" I ask breaking the silence. "W-were here to l-look for my b-brother" Bill says. Now I feel bad. I know that Georgie is never coming back. No matter how much he believes it, you have to someday face the truth.

We watch as Bill and Richie walk into the mucky water. "Where's the poison ivy?" Eddie asks. I roll my eyes. "I'm pretty sure that there is no poison ivy down here Eddie" I say laughing.

"Well I'm starting to get itchy and I'm pretty sure this-" he gets cut off by Richie interrupting him. "Do you use the same bathroom as your mother?" He asks. What type of question is that?

"Sometimes yeah" Eddie replies. Richie speaks again. "Then you probably have crabs" he says.

"Thats so not funny" Eddie says. No damn right that's not funny. "Ew, Richie, that's disgusting! Why would you say that?" I ask. "Well its true!" He exclaims.

Richie walks further in until he turns around to look at me Eddie and Stan.

"Arn't you guys coming in?" He asks. I think for a moment and decide that I should go in. I step into the sludge and walk further towards Bill.

I'm the only one of the three of us that came in. Stan just stays quiet whilst Eddie says "uh uh. That's grey water" making me turn to face him.

"What the hell is grey water?" I ask. He thinks about what to say and sighs. "It's basically...piss and shit so I'm just telling you." I gag from him saying that. I think I want to be sick.

"You guys are basically walking around in millions of gallons of Derry pee" Eddie says again.

"Great, thanks that makes me feel much better" I say sarcastically. Richie picks up a stick and smells it. What the heck is he doing.

"Doesnt smell like caca to me Señor" Richie says in a stupid accent. I roll my eyes and turn to face Bill.

"Hey, you okay?" I ask him placing a hand on his shoulder. He jumps and turns to face me. "O-oh yeah. I-I'm fine" he smiles which makes me smile too.

He looks down to find a shoe. He picks it up and looks at me, worry etched on his face. We turn around to face the rest of the group. "Guys!" We both shout in unison.

Stan begins to look scared. "Don't tell me that's-" but he doesn't finish his sentence. Everyone begins to look worried.

My mind blanks out for a minute. What if it belongs to Georgie?

"Who's sneaker is it?" Eddie asks. Bill looks at it. "It's Betty Ripsom's" Richie says before Bill could answer. "What if she's still here?" Stan asks.

I can't bare it anymore. I run down the tunnel towards the exit. I hear everyone scream my name but I ignore them.

I continue to run back to my house until I got to my front door. By now I'm out of breath. I am about to walk into my bedroom, when my mum calls for me.

I slowly walk into the kitchen to see what she wanted. "Y/n where have you been. I was worried" she says to me. Quick think. What can I tell her. She'll kill me if she found out that I was hanging around the sewers.

"Uh, I was doing my homework after school because I needed help with it" I quickly tell her. She nods at me and goes back to her cooking.

I walk upstairs into my room, dropping down onto my bed. What a long day this has been.

I look up at the ceiling, thinking of the boys and how worried they'll be. Never mind, they'll get over it.

Silence fills my room. It's like this for about five minutes until I hear a bang on my window. I look over and see what caused the noise.

A red balloon.

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