Chapter nine

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Quick author's note

Thank you guys for 1k reads. I haven't been writing this story for long and I am actually enjoying it!!

It was a Saturday. The losers and I decide to go down to the barrens as usual. But that was about to change.

"Oh shit! Guys!" We turn around after hearing a voice coming from behind. "Bev? What are you doing here?" I ask her.

She continues to pant, obviously out of breath. "Bathroom...blood...Come quickly!" She shouts, making no sence.

We all look at each other and mount our bikes. We follow Beverly down the street, until we reach her house.

"Please be quiet. If daddy finds out I have boys in the house, not you y/n, he'll kill me" she says quickly and quietly.

We all nod at her.

Richie stays outside to make sure no one comes home.

We all walk down the hallway in her house, leading us to the bathroom. Beverly looks worried. She slowly opens the door to reveal that the whole room was covered in blood.

I stare in shock, unable to produce any words. "Can you see it too? The blood" she asks. We all nod with our mouths agape.

"Well...we can't just leave it there" I say. Stan looks at me. "Then maybe we should clean it up" he finishes.

We grab some sponges and buckets, filling them up with water. We dragged them upstairs, into the bathroom.

I turn around to find Bill staring at me. Once he sees that I notice he turns around. What was that about?

I begin to get to work on scrubbing the walls.


We've finally finished cleaning and the walls are now blood free.

I pour away the bucket full of bloody water and wash my hands. I feel a tap on my shoulder and turn and look to see Beverly.

"Daddy said he couldn't see the blood. Why would he say that if we can all see it? It's clearly here" she says.

I think for a moment. "Maybe...maybe only kids can't see it. Maybe everything that happened in the past was just affecting children. The adults are unable to see whatever 'it' is" I state.

"W-well we'll j-just have t-t-to find out" Bill says.

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