Chapter twenty

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I grab the closest thing I could find to a weapon. A big garden spade. Great, I'm screwed.

We all make our way towards the clown and begin to hit it with our weapons. One by one, it started to turn into our fears. Everyone kept on hitting it, not even noticing how it portrayed their fears. But I do.

The thing turns into my mum. At first I am confused but then she starts talking. "Oh y/n, you could have saved me" she starts as blood begins to fall from her eyes instead of tears. "You let me die!" She shouted.

No, it wasn't my mum. It was the clown. I walk up to it and say "your not real" and with that I go to hit it one more time and it flies me across the sewer floor.

The other losers begin hitting it once more until it is hanging on for dear life down some sort of never ending well.

I walk over to it."You are not real and its time to stop your little games. Time to stop you from terrorising Derry" I say.

I go to hit it again but it cowers away. Parts of its head start to float away and soon enough, it was gonne.

We did it. We are safe.

Bill comes running to me and hugs me. This took me a bit to process but I eventually hug back. After a long silence, all the other losers come and join in a group hug.

I am soon bombarded by questions.

"Where did you go?"
"We thought you were dead"
"Did it take you?"
"Are you ok?"

I just laugh at the amount of questions they threw at me. They all look at me for answers. "Look guys, I'm fine ok. It may have taken me but it didn't take away how grateful I am for having you all as friends. No, family, you are all my family." I say and with that, we all head out of the sewers.

Hello everyone, as our story comes near to the end I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone for voting, reading and adding my book to your reading lists. This means so much to me and I hope you all know that.

I will hopefully be updating soon but I will make sure it's soon.

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