Chapter one

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Today is just another day just like all the others. For me at least.

I watch as the rain outside slides down my window. I'm glad it is raining. That means I don't have to hang around with Henry Bowers and his stupid friends. I only hang with them because I don't want to be in their bad books.

As I look out onto the street, I see a figure running down the road chasing after a small paper boat. Soon after, I can no longer see the little figure in the yellow raincoat.

I sure hope he'll be alright.

I decide that I should go upstairs to my bedroom to finish off my homework.


As I'm in the middle of my English homework, I hear sirens out on the street. I run downstairs to see a long line of police cars parked up.

I quickly grab my coat, not bothering to put my hood up. I run outside to see what was going on until my mum and dad stopped me from going any further.

I look in the distance behind the police tape to see a trail of blood leading into the street grate.

Oh christ what the heck happened here?!

I look over to the left to see two adults crying and a boy that looked my age weeping as well. Something terrible happened here, and it's something dangerous.

I gasp and run back into the house. I don't think I want to find out what did that. I don't even know what happened.

My mum and dad both walk in looking gloomy and depressed.
"Whats wrong? What happened put there?" I ask them.

They both look down. This can't be good. "A little boy that goes by the name of Georgie Denbrough went missing. He was last seen running down the street chasing what looked to be a paper boat" my mum says sadly.

I gasp. No it wasn't the little boy in the raincoat, was it?

My hands start to shake. "Mum, this boy wasn't wearing a bright yellow raincoat was he?" I ask hoping she would say no.

"Umm...yes y/n he was. How did you know!" She asks shocked.

"I saw someone in a raincoat running down the street. After he ran past our house I couldn't see him anymore, so I went upstairs to do my homework" I say quietly.

She sighs and looks at me. So does my dad. "You will not leave this house withought our permission y/n. I don't want to loose you" my dad says seriously.

I nod

What killed that poor boy?

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