Chapter fifteen

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Richie finally gets up off me and I just sit there and rub the back of my neck awkwardly.

Our heads quickly turn at the sound of a scream. Eddie's scream. "Q-quick, we h-have to f-find him!" Bill exclaims. We turn around and run to three doors.

Not scary-scary-very scary

"Guys which one do we go through?" I ask. Bill runs up to the door that reads not scary and opens it. What was in there must have scared the shit out of us all. It was Betty Ripsom hanging up from the ceiling with her lower body missing.

I scream for my life and look away. I hear Richie next to me just as scared as I am. "Where the fuck are her legs!" He shouts. Bill quickly shuts the door so we no longer have to see that horrible sight.

"What now?" I ask. Without warning, Bill runs up to the very scary door and opens is. "No Bill wait!" I call, but he already went through.

Both me and Richie chase after him. We and up in a small room. I look up and spot the clown tormenting Eddie, who now seems to have hurt his arm.

The clown turns around and looks at Bill. "Y-your n-not real" Bill says. The clown looks down and looks say. "Am I not real enough for you billy? I was real enough for Georgie" it says and starts smiling menacingly.

The clown gets up and starts walking towards us with anger. When it was only moments away, Beverly came in and stabbed a pole through its head.

A small bit of blood floated out. The clown began to whither away, but it looked at me.

"You'll float...soon...enough" it says until it finally goes away. What did it mean by 'soon enough'?

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