Chapter eleven

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It's been two days since we were sitting around the projector at Bill's house. Two days since we were all scared for our lives.

I decide to lay down on my bed and look at the ceiling. I feel like I'm about to drift off to sleep, when I hear a light knock on the door.

I get up off my bed and run downstairs. I swiftly unlock my front door, revealing the losers. Bill was at the front of them all.

"H-hey y/n, d-do y-you want to c-come to t-the barrens w-with us?" He stutters. I find it quite cute though.

"Um yeah I'd love to. Just give me a second, I need to ask my mum first" I say running into the living room.

"Hey mum, can I go out with my friends today?" I sweetly ask. "Sure honey, just don't stay out too late okay?" She says "okay."

I run back outside and look down at my bike. It had a flat tire. Great. Now what am I gonna do?

"Hey, uh guys? My bike has a flat tire" I say causing them all to look at me.

"Y-y-you c-can get o-on the b-back of m-my bike if y-you want." Bill says nervously. I just nod at him.

I walk over and sit behind him, wrapping my arms around him so I don't fall off. My breathing becomes uneven when I hold onto him. What is wrong with me?


Eventually, we reach the barrens and just sit down taking.

"Help!" I hear a voice shout in the distance. I turn around and see a boy running out of the bushes. He was running from someone. Henry Bowers.

He gets thrown to the floor and pulls out a knife. Immediately, I get up and throw a rock at Bowers. He flinshes and looks at me.

"You little bitch! You just threw a rock at me, now you'll pay!" He shouts trying to intimidate me and let's just say, its working.

The boy from before gets up and staggers over to us. Henry slowly begins walking over to me.

Out of nowhere, he gets hit by another stone. I turn to see Bill with another rock in his hand. I smile at him.

Bowers and his idiot friends start to throw rocks back at us as we throw them back.

"Rock war!" Richie yells before getting hit in the face by a rock. I hit Henry in the face just before he threw one at my shin. I cried out in pain as I felt the blood trickle down my lower leg.

Bowers and his group turn around and make a run for it. I look down at the boy that cried out for help. I reach out my hand and help him up.

"Hey, what's your name?" I ask. He looks at me. "Mike. Mike Hanlon" he says smiling.

"Well Mike, welcome to the losers club"

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