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The date with Lilac went really really well. At first I will admit I was nervous because look at her! There is no way someone as gorgeous as her was falling for someone like me. Talking to Lilac was so easy. Although when I looked in her eyes I felt intimidated, I still felt like I could be vulnerable around her. Maybe I will consider having a relationship with her.

I was making the finishing touches on the spaghetti when I heard my doorbell ring. I took a big breath knowing exactly who it was. I walked to the mirror and checked myself over quickly before opening the door. My jaw dropped. She looked like she did earlier except she had a summer dress on which hugged her curves

"It's fly season Addison, you might want to close your mouth before you catch something," she laughed. I blushed and stepped aside letting her in.

"You look beautiful," I mumbled, rubbing my neck. I watched a smile form on her pink lips.

"As you do Addison,"

"I Uh, let me show you around," she nodded and I lead her around the house. I showed her all of the rooms and she commented on how nice each of them were. I showed her my bedroom. I didn't know at first whether I should or not, but I did.

"You have an amazing house Addison," she complemented sitting herself down on the stool.

"Thank you. Big bowl of little bowl?" I asked holding them up.

"Well if the spaghetti is as mean as you said it was I'll have the big bowl," I smiled and served her some.

"So do you like cooking or is spaghetti a one off?" She asked, when I put the bowl and fork in front of her.

"It's a one off," I laughed.

"Lucky I can cook them," she laughed.

"Do you drink?"

"I'll have one glass of anything,"

"Wine?" She nodded.

"I feel like you should eat first in case you've poisoned it," I sat down next to her.

"I'd poison you huh?" I asked, twirling my fork in the spaghetti.

"I mean you kick ass, maybe you're a murderer too," she joked. I laughed nervously. I put the spaghetti in my mouth, and watched Lilac take a sip of her wine still staring st me.

"See no posion," I smiled. She laughed.


"Here," She laughed, grabbing a napkin and wiping the side of my lip with it. I felt my face go bright red. Her hand lingered there for a moment, her eyes looking at my lips, before she got back to the spaghetti. She took a bite and smiled.

"Really good," she smiled, getting more. I smiled knowing I had cooked the best thing I could for her.

"So How long have you done this boxing thing? I saw your trophies in your living room,"

"Well I've always been a rough kid but I didn't do it for awards until I was twelve,"

"So for ten years basically?" I nodded.

"So I shouldn't get on your bad side?"

"Wouldn't be the best idea,"

"I'll make a mental note of that," she laughed, "is boxing all you do or are you into other sports?"

"I enjoy volleyball but I don't really play it anymore,"

"At least boxing keeps you fit," she smiled, taking a sip of her wine. I smiled back at her. It was so easy to have a conversation with Lilac. Nothing was forced and it just seemed to flow so naturally. I could really get used to talking to her.

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