1 - The Vanishing of Will Byers : Part 2

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Mike and I walked back into his house saw his mum standing the kitchen.

"You two should really get going to bed, you both have school tomorrow" Mrs Wheeler says to us.

"Okay night Mum" Mike says as he walks off to the stairs.

"Night Mrs Wheeler" I say as I follow Mike.

"Night kids"

We start walking up the stairs.

"Tonight was such a good game, I can't believe it went for 10 hours" I say to him, he smiles.

"It took me around 2 weeks to plan"

"Wow" we get to Mikes room and we walk in. He goes over to his bed and I go to the top bunk. I lay down and cover my face as Mike gets changed into his pjs. It was a system. I would cover my face first while he gets changed then he will cover his face and I would change. It always works.

Once I finished changed getting changed we laid in bed.

"Hey Mike"


"I-Uh- had fun today" I say, I was going to say something else but I knew I shouldn't.

"Me too"

"Night Mike"

"Nigh Gabbie"

That night I laid there in the dark, I had this feeling inside me that something was wrong.

(In the morning)

Mike, Nancy, Holly, Mr Wheeler and I were sitting at the table eating.

Mike poured maple syrup into his eggs then passed it to me. He had gotten me into doing it, it didn't taste that bad.

I poured it on my eggs and then set it down. The phone started to ring and Mrs Wheeler got it.

"You two are gross" Nancy looking at us, I chuckle a little bit. Mike grabs the maple syrup bottle and pours it on Nancy's eggs.

"What the hell Mike?" She yelled, and Mike and started to laugh.

Mrs Wheeler hang up the phone say back down to Holly.

"Hey Gabbie, Will left last night right?" She asks me.

"Yeah he did, why?"

"Oh your mum was asking if he was here, but she said he's probably at school" she said with a shrug and turned attention to Holly.

I felt this unsettledness inside me. Deep down I feel like that is not the case.

I feel a hand touch my shoulder.

"Hey, are you Alright?" I look and see Mike. I just give him a smile and continue to eat. Something is not right.

After we finish eating we get our bags and we ride off to school.

Once we arrive with Dustin and Lucas we all see that Wills bike wasn't here.

"That's weird, I don't see him" Mike says as he looks around at Hawkins Middle.

"I'm telling you his Mums right, he probably just got to class early again" Lucas adds. I just shrug, Will does go to class early sometimes, but I should see his bike.

"I hope" I sigh as we start walking.

"Step right up lady's and gentlemen" I hear from behind us, she all slowly turn to see the one and only Troy walk over to us.

"Step right up and get your tickets to the freak show" he says with a smile as James comes close up behind him.

We all sigh.

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