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C H A P T E R  T H I R T Y -

Three months.

Those months where I healed myself, I found my true identity. Where I wasn't evolving my life around a boy. Where I enjoyed youth and stopped rushing things.

Then I realized that I lost myself because I was too busy trying to win the boy's heart. That I forgot my values and rushed things that's when it became complicated.

We both matured, changed for the better.

He had sincerely apologized for all the words and actions that harmed me, for being such an insensitive jerk and that it was better if we stayed friends for now.

Things were going well and I wasn't ready to fall inlove once more, I was scared.

Scared that I'd forget myself once more.

Marco had changed. He had became more open and friendly to other people, he wasn't alone anymore and I was proud of him.

Girls were attracted to him and he became instantly popular but he was still the Marco I loved. We'd greet each other by the halls or sometimes stop by a chit-chat to update each other.

Maybe he wasn't for me.

Maybe his existence in my life was to teach me something valuable, to turn me into this person that I never thought I would.

"You've been staring at Marco for awhile", Janna broke  my reveriee. "--do you regret. .u-uh letting him go?".

I shook my head. "It's just that I thought about how things changed, it was like yesterday when I was still the girl whom become blinded".

Janna shrugged her shoulders. "All I want is for you to do something you really want".

"Vincent. .", I trailed off, wary that she would snap at me for mentioning his name. "--how is he?".

It was quite sad that when there were good changes there were also bad ones.  For instance our tight friendship circle was slowly falling apart.

Janna hates Vincent so much for leaving us and choosing to be with the girl he's forced to marry. He could've fought for how he felt but he instead gave up and left Janna.

Jackie didn't hang with us so much now that she had new friends.

It was depressing that even the strongest bonds could be broken that easy.

"I don't know", vulnerability flashed through her eyes.

"Star, why is everyone leaving us?", she smiled sadly. "--Marco left you, Jackie and now Vincent".

A tear slipped from her eyes. "I miss the days when it was just the four of us and your unrequited love with Marco, that we'd banter and bully each other".

"Promise me", she trailed off. "--you won't leave me, it's just the two of us".

I smiled faintly and grabbed her hand. "I promise, it's just the two of us", I repeated her phrase.


"Star", his velvety voice drummed in my ears.

I whipped my head to his direction and I couldn't deny my heart  pounding when our eyes locked. He looked more masculine with a beard faintly forming in his face.

"I'm leaving", he said right away.

I felt a gush of wind passed through us, my face frozen by his words. "Where?", I managed to croak, my eyes widened.

"Far from here, we're moving", he eyed me for my wave of expressions.


"A change of scenery", he ruffled his hair.

"Star", he held my shoulders and I felt sparks went through my body, it shivers by his bare touch.

"Be my girlfriend, for five days and I'll be out of your hair".

My heart pounded so loudly that it was defeaning, all colour rushed to my cheeks as I stared at him wide-eyed.

What the hell did he just said?

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