Chapter 3

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Lotus flower,  

After the night I learned about your crush, I was a mess! I couldn't even sleep, too many questions were flying around my head. They even haunted me in my dreams!   

Questions like:  

"Who is she?" 

"What does she look like?"   

"Is she pretty?"  

"Does she go to your school?"  

"What's her name?"  

"Do you talk to her?"   

I had to know the answers to these questions. So you know what I did? The next day, I came straight home from school, went to my room, and got my laptop out. I pressed the power key, and waited for it to turn on. Soon, I saw my pretty background pop up, welcoming me back.   

I typed in my password, logging into my account. As my laptop loaded, I clicked on my browser, Google Chrome.   

Going to a new tab, I clicked on the little Facebook button marked on the top of the page.   

As the Facebook page loaded, I typed in my email and password. My news feed popped up and I saw so many activities from my friends. Ignoring all of that, I went to your profile page, stopping to stare at your profile picture once again (just saying I don't do this all the time! Okay . . . maybe I do).  

As I went to send you a message, a "beeping" noise stopped me.   

"Hey Violet ;)"   

Oh my God! Guess who sent that? If you guess Taemin, then you're wrong! I remember every time I would make you guess, you would always guess Taemin, since he's my favorite K-pop star.   

But before I get way off topic from talking about Taemin (and you know I would), I should probably go back to your message. Yes it was your message!  

"Hey Noah :)"    

"What's up?" you asked.  

"Nothing, just got home from school, you?"  

"Same, I didn't have swim practice, so I got home early."  

"That's good, so um . . ."  

"Let me guess, you want to know about my crush?"   

"Um . . . wow, how did you know that?"  

"I guessed from last night, I bet you want to know more about her, am I correct?"   

"Yeah . . ."  

"Well, what do you want to know?"   

All the questions from before came back, my brain screaming at me to ask you already, but guess what? I didn't ask you any of those questions, instead, I asked you this;  

"Do you really like her?"   

I guess, at that time, I just needed to know that one question. But now thinking back, I wished I had asked you more about her.   

"Yeah, I really do, I've known her most of my life, I just hate that she only thinks of me as a friend :("   


Yeah I know, stupid reply, but what was I suppose to say to that?   

I was about to change the topic, when you messaged me again.  

"Hey! I got an idea, want to play five questions?"   

I guess, you probably knew I wanted to change the topic or something. You always knew what I was thinking, you were a good mind reader.   

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