Chapter 7

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Lotus Flower,

It's been exactly two months since you sent me that message on Facebook. In that amount of time, I started talking to Adrian a lot more. Yeah we were friends before but now we're closer than ever.

Whenever I asked him about you, all he would tell me is, "He'll be back soon. Don't worry."

But when will you be back? It's been eight weeks and I'd never heard from you since. I tired sending you messages saying, "Hi" or "I missed you" hoping you would reply back, but you never did.

That was until that night.I was browsing around Facebook, chatting with Adrian, when suddenly I got a message. 

At first I didn't really think much about it, that is, until I clicked on the message.

It was from you.

All it said was, "I missed you."

I didn't even know what to think. 

After all this time, all you said was, I missed you? I guess I was hoping for more. I didn't know if I should be shock, sad, angry, happy, or glad? So many emotions . . . but I knew one thing was for sure - I needed to talk to you.

Opening up a new message, I replied back to you.I waited and waited but you never answered me back. I guess you were only online to send me that message?

Confused, I asked Adrian about it.

"Um, I'm not sure. He didn't say he was coming back."

"Well he'd just send me a message like ten minutes ago."

"That's strange . . ."

Strange? Why would sending me a message on Facebook be strange?

"Well, he's not exactly near a laptop."

"Wait, what?"

"Never mind! I guess he used his phone or something."

Even though Adrian was acting weird, I didn't really think anything of it. I mean, he's Adrian; he's usually weird.

"Okay then . . . anyways, how's the girlfriend?"

Yeah I know shocker right! After you left Facebook, Adrian got himself a girlfriend. Her name is Selena, but I'm sure you knew that. She was the girl Adrian first asked me about when he accepted my friend request. Turns out her ex-boyfriend, Edward, had the same feelings as Selena and broke up with her. Selena then told Adrian about it, and now they are happily together.

I was happy for them sure, but sometimes I wished they never went out. Ever since they started dating, Adrian would usually bring her up in our conversations. It's gets really annoying after a while, but then again, who am I to talk, right? I ask about you all the time.

"She's good. I really do love her."

Yeah, I know. You're probably thinking, love? Is he crazy or something? Then again, maybe not. You do know Adrian a lot better than me.

"That's sweet."

It was sweet, really it was. But after hearing a million times, it gets old.

"Thanks! She's just so perfect. Beautiful, creative, smart . . ."

I think I heard that even more then, "I love her."

"That's nice."

"Um, is something wrong Cupcake?"

"No . . . Why would you think that?"

"You sound mad."

Mad? I do not sound mad! Right?

"I'm not mad though, why do you think so?"

"Because . . . um never mind. Forget it. It's nothing :)"

"No! Come on, please tell me?"

"Well . . ."

"Well, what?"

Ugh! Why wouldn't he just tell me?

"Are you jealous or something?"

I stared at the screen in shock; mouth open, eyes wide, the whole deal. I couldn't believe it! Adrian asked me if I was jealous? Why would I be jealous?

"I'm not jealous! Why would I be?"

"Well lately every time I talked about Selena, your replies would always be, "That's nice" and "Okay then."

"That's how I usually reply back though . . ."

"No, it's not. You say a lot more than that, and you usually end your replies using smiley faces."

Crap . . . he got me on that one.

"Fine, I guess I just miss Noah . . . and you talking about Selena all the time just reminds me of him. It just makes me want to talk to him more :/"

"Makes sense :) Okay, I'll stop talking about her, happy?"

"Yeah, thanks :D"

"Welcome :) Oh, and see ya Cupcake, I need to go! Night ;)"

"Night Adrian :D"

After he logged off, I went back to my messages to see if you ever replied back. You didn't. Sure, I was disappointed that you didn't reply back to me, but at least your message gave me hope. Hope that someday you will return.

Soon, that night made me realize two things.

One- that you really did missed me.

And two- that Adrian was right.

I was jealous, and not because it reminded me of what I couldn't have; which was you, but because Adrian liked Selena.

Yeah I know confusing right? Trust me this is just the beginning.



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