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Hey guys!

After a year of Love at First Click being off Wattpad, it's back up again!

How? I asked my publishers for a change in the contract, so now the non-edited chapters will forever be on Wattpad!!

Yup! That's right publishers. If you haven't noticed already, this story is published as a paperback and ebook (Nook, and ibooks).

Now, you're probably wondering why buy the book if it's already here? Well, this version only has 12,000 words while the published version has 31,836 words. So, yes there's new chapters, never before scenes, and of course it's fully edited! (There's lots of plot holes in this)

Also, in the published version, Noah and Violet actually do meet c:

Here are the links to buy the book if you're wondering: (you can check out my profile for the links too)

Paperback copy (USA):



International (anywhere outside the USA)

paperback copy:

[Book Depository] (FREE SHIPPING)

ebook copy (USA):


[Barnes&Noble, Nook]


Also here's a little sample from the published version:

I had to hold my breath when you smiled at me, waving your hands in the air. I waved back shyly, and when you came closer towards me I saw the piercing in your right eyebrow but that wasn't the piercing I was staring at. No, it was the metal on your bottom lip.

"Good afternoon Violet," you said cheerfully. "Did you wait long?"

Completely ignoring your question, I pointed at your lip. "Since when did you get more piercings?"

Softly chuckling, you whispered something under your breath, before looking up at me. "Really Violet? That's the first thing you noticed about me?"

"Well it's on your face." I mean come on. It was black, and metal! And your face was pale white, of course I'm going to notice it. "It's kind of hard to miss."

"Oh," you said wiggling your eyebrows, making you look ridiculous. "Can't keep your eyes off of me can you?"

Blushing slightly, I ran my hand through my dark hair awkwardly. Clearing my throat, I avoided eye contact with you, trying to not blush anymore than I was. "Just answer the question, Noah."

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