Chapter 6

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Lotus Flower,

After I stopped crying that night, I did the only thing I could think of to get my mind off of it. I talked to Adrian. I figured he knew why you were leaving for months, and I wanted some answers.

So I dried up my tears and send a message to Adrian, hoping he would answer me soon. It usually took him a few hours or so for him to reply back, but I was really hoping for the opposite today.

The wait was terrible. I stayed glued to my chair, my eyes never leaving the screen, waiting for a notification. Finally after what felt like years even though it was probably an hour or so, I finally heard the 'beeping' noise telling me I got a new chat message.

"What's wrong Cupcake?"

Yeah, Cupcake was the nickname Adrian gave me awhile ago. It's cute isn't it? I think he called me Cupcake because I loved eating cupcakes!

"Noah . . ."

"Noah?" he asked.

"Yeah he sent me a message a while ago telling me he's leaving for a few months."

He didn't answer me for a while, making me think something really bad was going on.

"Hello?" I asked again.

"Sorry, um . . . Did he tell you why he's leaving?"

"No! I was hoping you could."

"Why do you want to know the reason?"

"Because I'm worried, and he's my friend."

Okay so that's a lie, since you weren't just a friend to me. You meant so much more.

"Are you sure Cupcake? Is he just a friend to you?"

At this point I was getting scared. Did he know? But how . . .? I made sure I wasn't too oblivious.

"Of course he is."

Yes I know, I was lying but I didn't want Adrian to find out that I liked you. That's just so embarrassing! What if he told you or something? I didn't want my friendship with you to be ruined over a stupid crush.

"Well maybe it's because he's busy? He does have his job and school to worry about."

Okay that made sense. Maybe I didn't have to wait for months . . . maybe a few weeks tops.

"That is true. He did say before he had to help out with his father's job."


At this point I was really confused. Why was Adrian just saying Cupcake?


"I'm going to ask you again. Please tell me the truth. Do you like Noah?"

Crap! He did know . . . let me tell you Noah, you have one smart friend.

"No, I don't."

Yes, I know I was being a coward, and lying once again. But I just couldn't say it.

"That's too bad. I heard him talking about you the other day. He said some really interesting things . . ."


"Gotcha :P You do like him."

Well I guess there wasn't any point in lying now- might as well tell the truth.

"Yeah . . . I do, but he likes someone else, so there's no use."

This was true. You still liked that girl.

"What do you mean he likes someone else?"

Huh? Did you not tell Adrian that you liked someone or something?

"Before, Noah told me he had a huge crush on some girl in his school."

"Oh her, don't worry about her. He got over her a long time ago :)"

"What? But just earlier today he said he was working on a painting to give to his crush."

"Cupcake, a long time ago, he asked the girl he liked out. But he got rejected. The girl liked some other guy. I still remember Noah crying over the phone when he told me. But he man up, and said he will find someone else."

Okay and why am I hearing this just now? Why didn't you tell me this before?

"What? He cried :("

"Yeah he did. He really did care about her."

"Oh, well he's doing okay now right?"

I didn't want you to be sad. I wanted to see your smiling face. Whenever you laugh or smile, it made me happy.

"I guess. He's over her now. I didn't like her anyways :P Too stupid. But Violet, if you like Noah, wait for him. If he loses you, he would be really sad."

I really wasn't sure what he meant by that. Seeing as I was just his online friend- nothing more.

"Yeah, because I'm his friend right?"

"No, you're special to him :) Just promise me that you will wait for him."

"Fine, I promise."

"Good :) Anyways Violet I need to go, but have a good night ;)"

"Oh okay then :/ Night!"

"Don't be sad, I'll talk to you tomorrow."


"Bye Cupcake ;)"

I was going to say bye to Adrian again, but he logged off. Sighing I closed my laptop, thinking about the conversation Adrian and I just had.

It's weird, but maybe just maybe I believed Adrian.

But what about the painting? 

And your crush?

To this day, I still never found out about the painting, but I did find out about your little crush. But that Noah, will be explained in a different letter.



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