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Thomas' POV 🙌

Twigs snap under my feet as I push my wolf to run faster. I need some space, some air to clear my head. Yet every time I close my eyes for a second it's Hailey's face I see.

Her voice floating with the wind, calling me back to her.

The moment she woke up in my arms was like nothing I had ever felt before. I can't even accurately describe it. It just felt like all the missing pieces I ever had aren't missing anymore. I was complete.

Then everything went to complete shit. I promised her that we would go as slow as she needed, as she wanted, but at the first test of that, we fought.

I tried to be understanding, I really did. Truth is though, I don't know how it feels to have another mate. My anger got the best of me and fueled my words before I could think of how harsh it sounded.

I was angry but I'm not wrong.

It's just the way she kept talking about Cade and being her mate.... it hurt. Like a thousand knives being repeatedly jabbed into my skin. And worse, She didn't notice.

She didn't even flinch when I said I might be in love with her.

No, there is no might, I am in love with her. The moment I first saw her training, I felt a spark of love in my heart. When she knocked me down, the feeling overwhelmed me and my entire existence became dependent on her.

Alpha, we got some information from the captured rogues. My beta Ethan said through the link.

I hadn't realized I had been running long enough that they could interrogate them already. This is exactly what I am talking about, Hailey gets in my head and I lose myself.

Heading back now. I cut off the link as I run pack towards the pack house.

Hailey's scent gets stronger the closer I get to the house. It is intoxicating, like cinnamon and sugar. My wolf whimpers at the smell. He is just as hurt by our mate as me.

"Alpha" Ethan stands at the edge of the woods, holding some clothes for me.

I shift back, my bones crack into place with no pain. Mostly it feels like cracking knuckles.

"The Alpha and Beta are awake and in their office expecting you."

I nod to Ethan as I grab the clothes, slipping into the jeans and black shirt.

"That's good. Do they remember anything?"

"Nothing helpful. They're ready to get their mates back though."

No doubt they are going to hit the ground running. If it was my mate missing, I'd be knocking down every rogue within five hundred miles to get her back.

Even if she wished I were Cade. I think bitterly as I make my way to the office.

"Here is the camp the rogue remembers, but he said whenever someone in the group was captured, they move." Jake says circling an area on a large map covering the desk.

"Alpha Aiden, beta Mason. Glad to see you better. Sorry for being late."

"Actually, you're right on time. The rogue we interrogated gave a location with no trouble. We were about to send some scouts." he walks around the desk to greet me before pointing out the camp area.

"He just gave up the information?" I ask skeptically.

Rogues just don't give out information. Something unsettling stirs in my stomach but I can't place it.

There has to be more.

Aiden opens his mouth to speak but is cut off when the office door opens with a bang. Cinnamon sugar surrounds me like a warm blanket and I have to suppress the urge to turn around.

I keep my eyes trained on the map, but my body is aware of Hailey's movements as she rushes to her father.

"Dad. It's all my fault." my heart clenches at the emotions her voice holds.

"Not even a little. Kiddo. Don't say that." He answers with finality.

I risk a glance up at them. Hailey's hair is a mess and her eyes are red rimmed, but she still looks so beautiful. Aiden softly kisses her forehead before walking over to talk to Jake.

My eyes stayed glued on Hailey as she wipes her tears with her hand. That should be me comforting her, but dammit I'm still so mad!

Mad or hurt?

Suddenly she looks up from under her lashes and her gaze meet mine. Tears flood her eyes, threatening to spill over.

She open and closes her mouth like she is trying to say something, but no words come out.

She looks so scared, so helpless.

Fuck this!

My need to comfort my mate outweighs everything.

I rush to her and wrap my arms tightly around her. She wastes no time responding to my hug. Her hands grabbing the back of my shirt, holding me in place as she buries her face into my chest.

"I'm so sorry." she mumbles before breaking into a sob.

My hand strokes down her hair in a calming matter. My wolf purring at the feeling of our mate in our arms.

"shhhh.. It's been a long day. Why don't you go relax or take a nap?" I try to pull away gently, but she won't let me go.

"Nap with me?" She says softly, making my breath hitch.

My mind starts to run with possibilities. Obviously, she is upset, emotions all over the place. Is she just going to leave me alone once she calms down?

"Please, Thomas."

"Okay" I breathe out, completely ignoring all thoughts of anything that doesn't involve her immediately in my arms.

She pulls away and runs her hand down the length of my arm before intertwining our fingers together. My eyes widen slightly before she tugs gently and leads me out of the office.

The sparks traveling through my body from her touch are addicting. I feel them now, but my mind is racing with things I can do to feel them again when she lets go.

I'd like to say I noticed her room as she closed her door gently behind us, but that would be a lie. All I see is her.

She pulls me to the bed and my mind, or should I say wolf, creates images of things that the two of us could be doing in this bed.

Just staring down at her, I am overcome with the urge to close the space and kiss her-mark her as my own.

But now isn't the time. Not with our previous fight still hanging over us.

So for now, I lay beside her.

She lays her head on my chest as her hand idly draws patterns on my stomach. My arm rest comfortably around her body. I can't deny that we fit perfectly together.

She is making it really hard to stay mad but as much as I love her, I can not live knowing I am second to another.

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Sorry for the wait. I hope you liked this little peek into Thomas' head.

More of a filler chapter, but if you're like me, I love at least one chapter from the males pov.

Thanks for reading. ♥ ♥

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