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I sit on the back porch watching some of the wolves, sighing deeply as they play. I run my hand through my hair in frustration. 

It's just not fair! 

Jake's grey eyes snap to mine as if I had called him. His eyes so similar to our dad's, it's eerie. His dark grey wolf trots over to me, rubbing his head against me gently.

Hail, play with me. Jake whines through the mindlink causing me to roll my eyes and chuckle.

My brother and I are only 18 months apart and I am not ashamed to say that he one of my best friends. Somehow he always knows when I need cheering up and vice versa.

"Go, Jake, Fetch." I grab a stick and wave it in front of his face.

In true Jake fashion, he jumps up like a dog and starts wagging his tail and running around excitedly. Finally, he yipped and I throw the stick and he took off after it.

"My son, the giant golden retriever." My mom chuckles coming to sit next to me on the step.

"Hey, babycakes. What's wrong?"

"Nothing is wrong mom." My mom gives me the look.

The one that says 'I am your mother, the one who carried you for months and brought you life. you can't lie to me'.

I sigh knowing that she is right and I can't lie to her. I love my mom, I do, but she is human and doesn't know what it is like to not be a wolf when you know deep down, you are suppose to be one.

"I just can't figure out, why I haven't shifted yet." I say it like it's no big deal but my mom knows better.

To my shock, she doesn't say anything. She just wraps her arm around my shoulders pulling me into her. She kisses my temple before standing up, brushing dust off her jeans.

"Your dad needs to talk to you. Come on." She holds her hand out to help me up, before linking our arms together and walking towards dad's office.

Before she can knock on the door, it opens and my dad stands there staring at her like she is the Moon Goddess. I brush pass him, sitting quietly in the chair giving them their moment. I think it is cute how in love my parents are.

"You need a shave." she says to him, her hand running along the scratchy stubble on his jaw.

He leans in and captures her lips with his and it goes from a from G to PG-13 in seconds. I spoke to soon about them being cute.

"Seriously guys?" I gag dramatically and my parents both chuckle.

My dad walks and takes a seat in front of me, suddenly looking very serious. I raise an eyebrow at him, but he just glances at my mom before clearing his throat.

"I love you, Hailey. You're my little girl. My beautiful wolf princess." He says softly. My mom stands behind him putting her hand on his shoulder in a comforting fashion.

Suddenly my nerves skyrocket. He hasn't called me his wolf princess since I was ten when I told him I was too old for the nickname. Whatever is going on, whatever he is going to say, I don't think I am going to like it. I take a deep breath trying to steady my rapidly beating heart. It can't be that bad, I tell myself.

"You turn 18 in about a month and you still haven't shifted. Through no fault of your own!" He added the last part quickly before pinching the bridge of his nose between his thumb and index finger.

"As the eldest child of mine, the Alpha title is supposed to be passed to you. But given the circumstances right now, the title will be passed to Jake." My eyes widen as his words slip out and tears immediately spring to my eyes.

"What?! That's not fair!" my voice breaks a little as a tidal wave of emotions hit me.

"A human can't lead the pack." My dad says sadly reaching for my hands to comfort me.

I rip my hands away before he can touch me and stand up pacing the room. It's not fair! I am the oldest. I have a wolf, I know I do. I can't be wrong.

Can I? 

"For arguments sake, let's say I don't ever shift. Mom is a human and she is Luna." I state still pacing back and forth, running my hands through my blonde hair.

"Your mom is mated to a wolf."

"Exactly!" A light bulb flicks in my head and I jump back into my seat, facing my dad.

"What about my mate? Surely he is fit to be Alpha if he is mated to me?" Hope is dripping from my every word as I search my dad's face.

He takes a deep breath before looking back at me, heart break clear in his expression. I look to my mom for a sign of hope, but she mirrors my father's pained expression.

"Have you considered the idea that your mate is human too?" he whispered, placing his hand over my moms.

No. I hadn't.

My jaw drops and I am left gaping like a fish. The tears I had been fighting so hard to control, spring from my eyes rolling down my cheeks. I stand quickly avoiding their eyes and their calls as I rush out of the office.

 I rush through the halls, taking the stairs two at a time towards my room. Just as I reach the final stair, a hand shoots out and grabs my wrist nearly causing me to fall.

"Where's the fire, Hail?" Cade says pulling me to him.

I try my best to wiggle out of his grip but of course with no such luck. Stupid Beta strength.

His eyes finally meet mine and I see amusement flicker before his smirk drops. Almost as if on instinct, his eyes grow dark with worry.

"Hey, what happened? No one makes one of my best friends cry. Whose ass do I have to kick?" He crosses his arms over his broad chest looking extremely intimidating.

Well, intimidating to anyone who didn't make him wear princess dresses to their tea parties.

"It doesn't matter, Cade." I say, my voice thick with emotion.

"It does matter. You're going to be my Alpha soon, Hail. And it's the Beta's job to help you." He says proudly, puffing out his chest.

My vision begins to blur as fresh tears rush down my face. Using all the strength I can muster, I manage to tear myself from his hold.

"Then go find Jake. He's the next Alpha." my voice breaks at the end as all the tears spill over.

I don't even give him a chance to respond I turn and run to my room like I had originally planned, wanting nothing more but to be left alone.

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Yay! The Sequel is starting! I'm so excited/nervous for this. Thank you for all your support! You are all beautiful!!

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