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Important authors note at the end. Please read

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My hand grips tighter on Cade's as he continues to push me towards the shelter.

"Rogues are attacking and rushing the borders. Hail, you need to get to the shelter now!" he says with hard eyes, scanning the trees for an immediate threat.

"What are you doing? Come with me!" I grab at his shirt, trying to pull him with me

A few rogues should be nothing for our warriors.

His hard eyes soften for a moment before he cups my cheek and brings his forehead to mine.

"I'm the Beta in training. I have to go. I'll be back soon." he kisses my forehead one last time and untangles his hand from mine.

I may not be able to feel the bond, but he is my best friend and I am scared for him. Just as I'm scared for my dad, Mason and the pack.

"Promise you'll come back to me?" Cade smiles at my words while backing away.

He takes his shirt off,  discarding it to the side. I used to feel weird checking him out, and internally drooling over his rippled torso.

"I'll always come back for you." with that he turns and shifts into his brown wolf, taking off towards the borders.

I watch him disappear before I remember that I have to get to the shelter.

My legs move as quickly as they can and I soon found myself in front if the shelter door.

It's Hailey, please open the door. I call through the link.

I stare at the wood for a moment before the sound of locks can be heard.  Sam's head pops out and she grabs my arm, pulling me swiftly inside.

I help her bolt the wood door before we run through the boys metal door at the end of the room.  I used to think it was ridiculous having all these different does to the shelter, but in times of attack, it does keep us safe.

Finally we make it to the common shelter, and I look frantically for my family.

My eyes land on my mom pushing back and forth with Hannah sleeping near her.

"mom!" i call rushing over to her.

Her face snaps to me, and i can see the images tears in her eyes and dried salt tail on her cheeks from earlier tears. She opens her arms and pulls me into a tight hug, clawing at me gently to get closer.

"Are you hurt?"  her hands cup my cheeks before grabbing my shoulders and arms looking for any injury.

"No." i shake my head and I'm indifferent pulled back into her arms.

I look around, suddenly noticing the absence of someone who would be here.

"Where's Jake?" I try to keep my voice level. Maybe he is just in the bathroom.

My moms bottom lip quivers and her images tears begin to fall. There's is so little in this world that complicated to the heartache I feel seeing my mother so upset.

"He's Alpha in training now." her voice breaks as a sob rocks through her body.

My whole body feels like cement. First Cade is out there fighting and now Jake to?

For the millionth time, I curse at myself for not shifting. It would be me out there and then Jake could be in here safe.

Sam pulls my mother close and gently rocks her, whispering words in her ear help calm her. They both know what the other it's going through.

Both have a husband and a son out there with the rogues.

A small scream fills the otherwise silent shelter and we all turn to see Hannah bolting up from her nap with tears pouring down her face.

It had been nearly an hour, and no one has spoken. All of us trapped in our thoughts of the fight and our loved ones.

"Shh. Baby. Shh. It's okay." Sam soothes, quickly picking Hannah up into her arms.

Hannah grabs the back of her mind shirt tightly like she is scared that Sam will disappear.

Slowly, Hannah's tears stop and all that's left to break the silence,  is her soft hiccups.

A howl echos through the walls and everyone hold their breath waiting to hear the message.

One howl means the attack is right outside the door and to stay in no matter what.

Two howls is the enemy is gone and we can come out.

A second howl had everyone breathe at the same time. Looking nervously around.

"Everyone, we know the code. The fight is over! Let's go to our mates and children." my mother announced like a true Luna.

Out of respect, everyone cleared a path allowing us and the beta family to leave the shelter first.

The bright sunlight causes me to squint and I blink rapidly at all the fighters that are walking towards us to the trees.

Cries of relief sounds from all around us, as families are reunited.

Some warriors emerge still in wolf form, others in a bruised tattered human form. No doubt, the clinic will be busy tonight.

Jake appears in his wolf form and I smile in relief.  There is a little blood dripping from his side, but it looks like it has already taken to healing.

I hear my mom gasp at the sight of the blood but she to knows it's healing. My dad appears in human form, his chest covered in blood that is clearly not his.

He makes eye contact with my mom, silently telling her something. He turns slightly behind him, helping someone out of the trees.

A heartbreaking scream pierces through the clearing echoing off the trees. I want to look for the source and find out why, but my eyes are glued to who my dad is helping.

Uncle Mason steps out of the trees, pain evident on his face. Every step is slow and I can almost see his body trying to collapse.

My breath catches in my throat. My lungs burn from the oxygen that refuses to enter. My heart thuds painfully against my chest at the sight, yet I can't look away from Mason.

My mom and Sam take off running towards them, but my feet are rooted to the ground.

Everything is in slow motion as Sam crumbles to the ground, my mom grasping her tightly as she screams.

Mason's face twists to one of pure agony as my mind finally registers what I'm seeing.

A bloodied and still Cade being carried like a baby in Mason's arms.

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I'm literally crying right now, please don't hate me!

Truth be told. This was planned from the beginning when the plot came to me.

I didn't say anything because I was hoping I could change it. Hoping a different plot for the entire story would come to me. But ultimately, I have to write the story that I came up with.

Please don't hate me, I am just as heartbroken.

♥ 💔 ♥ 💔

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