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I have to find Thomas, but first there is something I need.

My feet carry me to where I want to go before I even think my plan through completely.

I dig through the drawers of my dads desk pushing past papers,  files and stress balls, looking for the little box he put in there for mom.

I found it once a couple years ago by accident and he explained that as a human, mom needed to be able to protect herself in case something happened.

Sure he has taught her basic self defense over the years, but she is no match for a wolf. So dad got her a few things for reassurance.

My fingers skim the smooth wood of the box. I take it out of the bottom drawer and set it gently on the desk. The box is unassuming and plain. Just simple oak with a brass latch.

Tentatively, I lift the lid, admiring the perfectly untouched contents. This is probably not the best idea.

I'm doing it anyway.

I can't just do nothing! I did that last time and look what happened!

I wonder, if given the choice would anyone else makes this choice? Would anyone else be willing to sacrifice all that I have, all that I am? These choices are never easy to make. Then again, no one said it would be easy, but it would be worth it. Right?

I wrap my hands around the cool metal and toss the box back in the desk. I don't even bother to put it back exactly. I don't care and if everything goes according to my half baked plan, my dad will know where I got it anyway.

Time is running out. It's like I can feel the minutes moving by way to fast. I need to find Thomas before we leave. He needs to know the truth.

This could be my last chance to tell him.

I keep my hand in a tight fist around the metal, as I run through the house, towards where everyone is meeting. The lawn is littered with at least two hundred people standing in little groups. Some women have tears streaming down their cheeks, begging their mates to stay safe and come home to them. 

My mind instantly flashes to when I last saw Cade alive and my heart clenches. If it hurt that bad to lose him when I didn't feel the bond, I don't ever want to find out what it would feel like to have the bond break. I pray these women don't find out either. 

My eyes instantly land on Thomas talking to Ethan on the other side of the yard. My entire body is pulled in his direction, like he is North and I am a compass.

I quickly move pass the bodies standing in my way, careful not to shove. I am in a hurry not heartless.

I give no warning. I dive straight into him, wrapping my arms tightly around his waist and bury my face in his chest. His entire body freezes in surprise a moment before slowly relaxing and hugging me back.

My heart beats wildly in my chest, but that is a good thing right? I pull away, but maintain contact with my free hand cupping his cheek gently.

"Hailey -" I cut him off before he can say anything.

"Let me talk first. Please." He takes a deep breath, nodding for me to continue.

This is it. I am going to say my piece of truth. Spill everything out for him and hope that he is still with me in the end. I have to take the risk, even though I am downright terrified of the response.

"Thomas, uh -" My eyes go wide at my sudden realization and my hand drops to my side.

How do I not know my mates last name?! Okay, wait. He is the Alpha of his pack and I know all the Alpha's surnames. Shit, what pack is he from?!

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