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I groan in annoyance as I feel something repeatedly poke me between the eyes. I don't remember falling asleep. I open my eyes slowly, hating the feeling of the dried tears stuck on my lashes.

Jake lays facing me, a mischievous glint in his eye as he goes to poke me again.

"Ugh why did Uncle Ryder show you that?!"

"Because it annoys our sisters." He says in a duh tone.

His hand drops to his side and his expression turns serious.

"I didn't ask for this, Hail. I had no idea." His eyes drop in shame and my heart sinks.

Truth be told, I know that dad is right. I was just upset about the situation. I had wanted to lead the pack since I was a kid, and it was shattered in seconds. I never even thought how Jake would feel. I give him a small smile. I am so lucky to have him as a brother.

"I know, Jakey. But dad is right about this."

"Bet you'll never say those words again." he chuckles before sitting up on the bed.

"You'll make a good Alpha." I add, watching him as he walk to the curtains and throws them open revealing the day.

I hiss dramatically as the sunlight hits my face directly. Jake laughs before offering his hand to help me stand.

"Come on, Mom made breakfast for Cade's birthday and they should be back soon."

"Where did they go?" He pushes me into the bathroom and waits outside while I clean up my face. Seriously, how did I get such a great brother?

 I cringe as I see my reflection. I look like I had cried all last night. Which I probably did. I wash my face and comb through my hair quickly. A minimal effort, but with good results.

"Uncle Mason took Cade camping last night as a 'Beta Training Moment'." He shrugged before opening the door.

I smirk playfully before shoving him and running towards the stairs. Of course he catches up with ease, using his wolf speed. I roll my eyes but slow to walk. There is no way I can beat a wolf.

"She looked at me like I betrayed her, Ellie." my dad's voice rang through the hallway.

"She was upset, Aiden. She had been told she would be Alpha since she was young and then it was pulled from her." My mom soothed him.

My heart breaks at the pain that was in my dad's voice. I quickly rushed into the kitchen and wrapped my arms around his waist, pushing myself into his chest. He recovers quickly, hugging me tightly back, kissing the top of my head.

No matter what, he is my dad and I love him.

"Hailey. I -"

"No dad. I understand." He smiles sadly at me before kissing my forehead.

My mom pushes a plate of chocolate chip pancakes towards us with a smile and a wink towards dad.

"Will you put the candles on these for Cade, Please?" My dad takes the candles and starts arranging them on the plate.

"Mason just linked, they are on their way back." Aunt Sam walks in with her other son, Alex, behind her.

"I can't believe my baby is 18!" She says dramatically causing me and Jake to laugh.

"Technically, isn't Hannah your baby, mom?" Alex laughs while going to sit next to Jake. Those two thick as thieves considering, like Cade and I, they are only a month or two apart.

"Hannah is my baby, but Cade is my biggest baby. Just as you are my middle baby." She slaps his head gently before smothering his face with kisses.

"Where is Hannah?" my mom asks aunt Sam.

Sam sighs dramatically before going to help my mom. I glance over to see my dad still focused on putting the candles in perfect order on the pancakes. He is just going to rip them off and eat them, so why does it have to be perfect.

"She is in her room. She thinks Cade is going to leave her if he finds his mate today and she is sad."

"I'll go talk to her." I offer before standing and heading up the stairs.

I don't know why, but whenever Hannah is upset, I am good at making it better. What can I say, kids love me.

I knock gently before opening the door to her overly pink princess room. Uncle Mason definitely spoils his little princess. Who am I to say anything though, I got the same treatment from my dad at her age.

I look around the room, my eyes landing on steadily rising lump on her pink canopy twin bed. I smile at her five year old antics. She probably thinks that I can't see her.

"Hannah? It's Hailey. Where are you?" I tap my chin and walk around the room, pretending to look under the bed and in the closet.

"I guess she isn't in here." I sigh dramatically before collapsing on the bed and gently landing on her.

"Wow this bed isn't very comfortable. It's kind of lumpy." I wiggle around, pretending I don't hear the tiny giggles.

"Hailey!" She giggles out.

"Oh My! Hannah is that you?" My dramatics are over the top as I rip the blanket away from the bed.

Hannah sits up, dark hair sticking up in every direction, doing her best to look mad. She fixes her pink paw patrol shirt before crossing her arms over her little chest.

"What's wrong, Kid?" I ask, sitting next to her, mimicking her pose. I even through in an overdramatic pout, trying insanely hard not to laugh.

"Cade is gonna leave me." she pouts while her eyes brim with tears.

I grab her into a big hug,  stroking her dark hair gently.

"Cade's not gonna leave you. Why do you think that?"

"he's gonna find his mate and forget me to be with her." she sniffles adorably before wiping her tears with her hand.

"Cade would never do that. Besides, I think your forgetting that you will be getting a sister when he meets her. He will have to try and get her from you." I attack her stomach with tickles and she laughs loudly.

My mom calling us broke us out of our tickle fight. I bend down and she jumps on my shoulders hugging me from behind like a backpack. I jump around a little bit making her giggle as we gallop into the kitchen.

"Pancakes!" She squeals wiggling free of my grip and running to the table.

"Mason said they just pulled in!" Sam says rushing to finish setting the table.

The front door opens and I rush towards the counter to grab the plate of pancakes for Cade.

"Happy Birthday!" Everyone shouted at once and I guess that he just came in.

I mentally kick myself for missing the surprise although we have a breakfast every birthday so I am sure he was expecting it. 

"Hailey." Cade's voice, barely above a whisper, sends the entire room into a library silence. I don't think anyone is breathing.

Crap. He's mad that I missed the surprise. I turn with a sweet smile but I jump from how close he is to me.

"Mine." he says as the plate drop from my hand and shatters on the ground.

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