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6 months later

"Alex says that he is gonna be beta" Hannah stated as we walked down the street towards her school.

At first it was hard to be around Cade's family. I didn't know what to say or do. I never got to feel the bond with Cade, but he was one of my best friends. Alex said I would always be his older sister. Mason and Sam said that nothing would ever change how they feel about me, but Hannah was the hardest.

She didn't understand why Cade was gone. She thought that he was angry at her and ran away with his mate. When I told her that wasn't true and I was his mate, she was mad at me for letting him go.

I cried on my mom's shoulder a lot during those days. Finally, she requested that her sister walk her to school. No one else could take her, it had to be me. Now it is an everyday thing.

"I know. It's a big job. He will be good at it." I said sweetly, swinging our hands back and forth.

I stopped suddenly pulling Hannah behind me, while I scanned the surrounding area. Something wasn't right, I could smell something that didn't belong.

Jake there's a rogue. East woods near the schools.  I said into the link looking for the source of the smell.

Laughter turned my attention to my immediate right, where a tall man stepped out of the trees. His dark clothes were ripped and stain with what I am assuming is probably dried blood. His lips turned into an amused smirk.

I gripped Hannah's hand tighter, making sure she was still behind me. The man stopped about a hundred feet away from me.

"Such a pretty she-wolf." he mused as his disgusting dark eyes raked over me.

A threatening growl left my lips and I could feel my eyes darkening. I don't really know how to fight but I'm going to protect Hannah with everything I have.

"Fiesty little wolf. I like it. Why don't you two come home with me? We could always use more help." Hannah whimpered behind me, grasping my shirt tightly.

"This is your one chance to go back to wherever you came from." I said through clenched teeth.

His smirk never faulted, but something formed in his eyes wide from amusement. I shivered at the thought that came to mind. Lust.

"Do you have a mate little wolf? I'd love to challenge him for a sweet thing like you." I resisted the urge to gag as he rolled his nasty tongue over his lips.

His smirk dropped as the sound of wolf paws sounded from behind me.

Not so confident are you now,  ass.

"Ah. Alpha in training. Am I not important enough for the actual Alpha?" he faked sadness as Jake appeared next to me in human form.

"You!" Jake growled taking a step forward.

I quickly grabbed his arm to hold him back. I couldn't risk him being hurt by taking him on alone.

"Is this the mate?" the rogue clapped his hands in amusement before rolling his shoulders and stretching his arms.

He killed Cade. Jake's eyes held sadness as he looked back at me.

My breathing stopped and my blood ran cold as I turn to face the rogue. I dropped Jake's arm in shock.

Despite the fact that my lungs weren't working correctly, my heart was beating like a helicopter. I could feel the beat in my ears as I released Hannah's hand and started clenching my fists.

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