Day 39 - KarlOConnor's Runner

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by KarlOConnor

The Humari, a once proud race, are nothing now but a divided race of nomads travelling through space in search of a new home. Herman, an elder youngling, is unlike any other Humari in existence. He does not belong to or fit in with any of the three Humari sects and now it is him against the universe as he goes in search of his loved ones.

The thought of finding a new home is one he does not yet have, if it will be one he will ever have at all. Finding loved ones is what comes first. Sure how could Herman ever settle down anywhere not knowing for sure if his loved ones are alive, not knowing for sure if they are alright or not, not knowing for sure if they are looking for him as he is looking for them. Finding peace may be too much of a long shot.

A cataclysmic event ended an already dying Humari home world. Being so far under-ground at the time of this event Herman was protected from the devastating blast while some of those he loved had been above ground. Refusing to believe that these loved ones did not find refuge Herman will search all four corners of the universe if he has to so to ensure he finds them.

In a way he feels as if he is the last of his kind and that is even if he ever felt like being a true Humari at all. Herman is different, very different; you could say he is one of a kind. Despite how he may look and the fact that he does not belong to any sect Herman is one hundred percent from the Humari home world or at least from what once was the Humari home world and for generations his family have been nothing other than Humari.

Herman is not alone in the universe; he is not alone on his journey. He has a travel companion who is in a way just as much lost and alone as Herman is though how alone can two beings really be when they have each other? Lonnie is that companion. She however is not Humari, she is Flaxian. She came to be on the Humari world long before its destruction and that world made her an orphan, more than this, she was born on the Humari home world.

Having come to each other's aid she saved him and he ensured she'd make it off the planet. Now they both find each other in a spot or two of bother. Having boarded what they thought was a supply ship it soon came clear that Herman and Lonnie had boarded a ship run by a smuggling outfit.

This ship arrived at a planet by the name of Nibaru where-by there are a few things that can be classed as note-worthy. Lonnie has been placed under lock and key, locked within the ships holding cell, a cell she is forced to share with three Humari males each of who belong to a different sect. Herman, while seated on the bridge discovers that his mother is indeed alive and not only that but she is being held prisoner on the planet's surface.

Planet Nibaru so happens to be where this particular ship is due to acquire its next shipment, it will receive supplies for the Humari home world lunar colony though such is only a cover, caffeine is an illegal substance and this particular vessel acquires mixed into healthy option bars from which the captain and crew make a healthy profit from moving them on.

The mix is ready apart from missing the illegal element. A runner is required to go fetch that illegal element and the ship's captain has volunteered Herman to be that runner, blackmailing Herman into doing the deed by threatening the lives of his mother and Lonnie.

What else can Herman do but take on what is being demanded of him. First things first, before he can even attempt to retrieve what he now needs to retrieve he has to get from a star ship in space down to the planet below and to a point close enough where can have a fighting chance of retrieving what it is he is being forced to retrieve.

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