Day 45 - bloodsword's A Storm on the Horizon

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A Storm on the Horizon

by bloodsword 

The multiverse: it's existence has been theorized, rationalized, challenged, and disputed by educated people for decades in the Modern Era. Some people are ignorant of it while most wouldn't care, even if they knew. But not in Absalon. In Absalon, we both know that it exists and we care plenty that it does. Because we see the evidence everyday. Not because of technology, though we had plenty of that.

No, it was because Absalon is a convergence. What is that, you ask. Well, according to the educated woman I asked some years ago, she said existence started with a single universe, a prime, if you will. Then, with the first probability event, a second universe was given birth to. In some ways this new universe was exactly like the old one, a duplicate, or copy. But in other ways, ways that were influenced directly by this 'probability event', they were radically different.

Of course probability events don't come just one at a time. They come in packs, sometimes together, sometimes in a row, but always in bunches. And each one spawns a universe from the one the event took place in. A hundred thousand probability events worthy of the name later, and you have a hundred thousand copies. But not just copies of the prime universe, or even of its immediate duplicates. Copies of copies, and copies of copies of copies. Or even ... well, you get the picture.

And yes, I know, I was explaining about what a convergence was. Well, you see, each of those copies has a metaphysical connection to the universe they were copied from, the point where the probability event happened in the first place. This is what's called a 'convergence point', although some of the more snotty scientists have said that 'technically it's a divergence point'.

Yeah, whatever. As far as I was concerned, it was where two universes were connected. And, with the right tech, a person could use that convergence point to travel back and forth between the two universes.

What does this have to do with Absalon? Absalon is a prime convergence point. That means it exists in every copy of the universe. Not only that, it didn't matter which Absalon you're in, you could travel to the other copies with very little effort. At least you can, if you were born on Absalon Prime, the version of our fair world that exists in the Prime Universe.

Now, this is where I come in. My name is ...

"Cutter!" a voice snarled in my ear. Then a hard hand on my shoulder was pulling me down in time to let a flurry of energy blasts streak by just over my head.

"How many times today have I told you to keep your damn head down? At least a hundred. You may be a Unique Prime, but that doesn't make you immortal, you idiot!"

I looked over at the grim soldier beside me, an apologetic expression on my face.

"You better not be getting ready to tell me that this is your first real firefight, because I know that's a lie!" the soldier growled before I could say anything, having caught my look. "I swear, I have no idea how the Grim bloodline managed to rule Absalon this whole time with morons like you in charge!"

"Technically, Brick, I'm not in charge ..." I began.

"Shut up, Cutter," Brick quickly fired back. "Nobody fuckin' asked you." Another flurry of weapons fire made us crouch even lower behind the burnt-out hulk we were using for cover.

So, yeah, that's me, Cutter Grim, currently doing my best to avoid getting my fool head shot off. And the soldier with the disapproving frown and the good reflexes is Brick Foster, captain of the Skyguard unit sent to retrieve me from the backwater reality I'd been hiding in for the last twenty years or so.

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