Day 8 - KarlOConnor's No Escape

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No Escape

by KarlOConnor

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away a once thriving planet ceased to be.

For millenniums life grew strong and lived well as well could, though in which a problem lay, life was too strong and it lived too well, so well in fact that the world it lived upon came to a point where it could no longer sustain the life it long had carried on its back.

Lands turned to dust, rivers once plenty ran no more. A once peaceful and enlightened culture grew violent and savage, de-evolving into what had come long before though an odd case or two did occur where evolution took a step forward, or at least appeared to take a step forward.

The Humari home world had been dying for so long that its inhabitants knew an end was coming. Preparations to evacuate the planet had long been set in motion and lunar hubs became an obvious place to start moving inhabitants up onto.

Catastrophe struck when what may have appeared to be a non-natural cataclysmic event killed millions and brought the Humari home world to an end a lot sooner than anticipated. Being lucky, or as one may see it, unlucky enough to be deep underground at the time the cataclysmic event occurred, one Humari in particular survived.

On the Humari home world there are three sects, or rather were three sects and they are the Green, the Blue and the Red. By the time the Humari home world had indeed come to an end these three sects were very much at one another's throats. The Red heavily outnumbered the Blue. There were so few Green left in the end that the chances of their survival were slim to none.

With the world so close to an end a pact was made in an interest to save all Humari life or as much of it as possible, still there was enough distain and hate to go around for eons after the demise of a once powerful world. So many Humari had left the home world that survival of all three sects was guaranteed, for at least a certain amount of time.

Herman is an elder youngling who doesn't belong to either of the Red, the Blue or the Green sect and he is the Humari who so happened to be deep underground when the cataclysmic event occurred.

His mother was a Red and his father was a Green. It is rare for different sects to mingle let alone marry though that could be a big part in why Herman doesn't belong. Herman himself was born different, he is something different, he is an advancement in evolution or so he would like to think. He is not as large as the Red, he is not as strong as the Blue and he was not as fierce as the Green, he always was and is simply ... just Herman.

After the cataclysmic event which ended the world, Herman could only be able to assume and not know for sure the fate of his loved ones. Those whom where near at the time the event hit are gone. They could not have survived though Herman cannot accept that. Some must still live, some like him must have survived.

Herman along with a Flaxian female named Lonnie managed to vacate the dying, the all but dead Humari home world, taking refuse on a Lunar colony with the promise that the time will come when they both will be placed upon star ships, possibly not the same star ship, with the purpose being that these star ships will seek out a new home or homes for the surviving Humari race or separate sects to take up a new and permanent residence ...

The Flaxian system is not a viable option as somewhere to temporarily lay down any sort of residence. It may be the closest inhabitable system but out of the six worlds within it only one is inhabitable. It is a much smaller world than the Humari home world and it is over run with Flaxians, so much so that millions of locals have left it either due to some form of a calling or due to a want to discover the big bad universe or even quite simply to vacate their overcrowded home with an attempt to make a new life somewhere else.

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