Day 44 - Emmalee_Sky's Crash Into Colors

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Crash Into Colours

by Emmalee_Sky

"Oh gods. We're crashing!" I gripped the back of one of the black chairs in the bridge. My heart pounded. This wasn't how it was supposed to be. Maybe on some planet with blue sand and pale purple waves under five moons. Not in some shipwreck with aliens!

"Axtrun, straighten out!" Vax said, eyes narrowed as she pushed buttons on the console. "And we're not crashing, Tish. Calm down."

I shook my head, staring with wide eyes as the sky, black with speckles of light, flash by. My nails dug deeper into the leather seat. I should've stayed on Xenumia! Mediocracy and the Sorter were better than dead.

"Tish, sit down or you'll hurt yourself," Vax added, but I couldn't look away from the forward window.

"Error," a voice spoke throughout the ship.

"No shit, Axtrun," Vax muttered.

"There is an error, Vax. However, I cannot find it in my ship."

"There's gotta be something. Engines? Shield? Gravity stabilizers are still online, thank the gods. Never swimming through this ship again. I swore to myself. Last time I-" Vax stopped then shot a look at me. She licked her lips. "Never mind. Give me something, Axtrun."

How can she be so calm? My knees shook, my heart pounded, sizzling satellites, I was on the verge of hyperventilating.


I blinked, looking towards Vax. She stared over her shoulder, her short hair with its blue tips brushing against her white t-shirt. Her brown eyes caught mine, and I stared, the stars shooting behind her as we sailed rapidly, without direction, without purpose. Loud beeping filled the bridge.

"It's going to be fine. Sit down. Please."

Then an explosion of color burst before the ship and light blinded me. My arms rose, covering my face as I fell back, slamming into the ground. Pain jarred me.

"Shimmering stars," Vax whispered.

And we fell right through it.


Yelling yanked me awake. My eyes snapped open, and all I saw was blue. My heart dropped. Gods. Was I blind? Oh gods no.

The blue moved, and I blinked. A tail swished. I blinked again. "Suti?"

The blue cat's head spun around, eyes wide. "Tish. Thank the gods. You're awake. Don't move," she whispered.

I opened my mouth but stopped just in time to hear throaty voices. I waited. Vax's voice followed. "What's wrong?" I whispered back.

Suti's tail flickered in my face. Shutting my eyes, I tried not to sneeze. "Shhh. We had a tricky landing. Gods, I hope Vax doesn't insult them. That alien just doesn't know when to keep her mouth shut."

Insult who? I tried to sit up, but Suti's nails dug into my skin. I winced.

"Okay, this is awkward." Vax's voice rose. I wanted to peek, but Suti blocked my view. "It was an accident. There was a-"

"You destroyed our place of prayer!"

I stiffened. "What?" I whispered.

"Axtrun fell on their hut."

"It was not a hut, Suti. It was a prayer room for the Church of the Almighty Toad King," Axtrun's voice buzzed in my ear. I reached up and felt the com inside my ear.

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