Day 26 - AmericasTrueSidekick's My Past Comes Back to Haunt Me

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My Past Comes Back to Haunt Me

by AmericasTrueSidekick

I was on a mission. A mission to collect a highly important package from my dealer. I will refer to him as Fro-Yo, since he doesn't want his identity revealed. Anyways, as I was walking to our secret meet up point, a certain robot caught my attention.

"Master," he said in that odd, metallic voice he came with. I blatantly ignored him, putting all my focus on getting to the abandoned iPhone store.

Ugh, ever since the humans from Earth- my ancestors- discovered hyperdrives and all that, they managed to colonize certain planets in Andromeda. They brought iPhones with them, and wax figures of their favorite dead celebrities. The iPhone was eventually replaced with "better" technology, all iPhone stores closing shortly after. This store was simply abandoned because it was never bought, I'm pretty sure the owner died or something. All I know is that it's the perfect spot to meet up with Fro-yo.

"Master Riggs, it is critical that you acknowledge my presence."

"Fine. What the hell do you want, D.I.C.K.?"

"Well, Master Riggs," he said, "I simply wanted to inform you of the unknown lifeform stalking us."

Alarmed by what he said, I pulled him into a nearby, and conveniently dark, alley. DI.C.K.'s sensors, located where a human's eyes were, instantly lit up, illuminating the alley in a dull glow. I ducked into the shadows and waited for the 'unknown lifeform' to make themselves present. A few seconds ticked by slowly, but I stayed in my spot, still as a statue

"Master Riggs," D.I.C.K. spoke.


"The lifeform has fled. Also, I scanned it, or rather her, when you were hiding."

"I was not hiding!"

"If that is what you prefer to believe, then so be it, Master."

Grumbling, I walked silently out of the alley into the bright light of the Ortega afternoon. Looking towards the sun, I wasn't surprised to see its partner nearby. Yes, Ortega was orbiting two binary stars, one a white dwarf, the other a jaw-dropping blue giant. Since the larger star is so fast-aging, Ortega isn't allowed to be considered a permanent settlement for anyone in the galaxy. It's simply a place to "stop and refill" when it comes to planets. I'm only here to collect from Fro-yo, then travel back to my home planet Agdon. I'm honestly surprised that the iPhone store, where I was headed, was even built.

After a few more minutes of walking, D.I.C.K. and I reached our destination. Low and behold stood Fro-yo, his hair looking like it was on fire. Oh, wait, it was. Fro-yo happens to be a fire demon or some shit. His deeply charred skin flaked off, but I doubt he noticed. Repulsed, I made sure not to get too close to him.

"'Sup, home slice," he said in a thick accent I still couldn't name. "You realize that this particular... package costs over 50 oodu?"

"50 oodu!? That's outrageous! What happened to it being 9 quazats?"

Fro-yo snickered, "You sent word to me that you wanted more, gringo." D.I.C.K. shuffled nervously beside me. Ugh, so it was his fault I owe Fro-yo 50 oodu.

"Fine," I said, "just give me what I asked for and I'll give you the money." I slowly reached into my bag for my wallet, when I caught a glimpse of a figure dressed in all black. I instead pulled my laser-blaster out, quickly aiming it at the figure who was conveniently behind Fro-yo.

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