Multiversal Rules

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Each of the stories featured will be set within a Universe of the writer's creation, all being a part of a larger, shared Multiverse.

Writers have free reign to tell the story they wanna' tell and providing it's science fictional in nature, no more than 5,000 words in length, then it's all good!

There are, however, five rules to which all created Universes within the shared Multiverse must adhere. Think of them as non-mandatory prompts that weave an invisible, unbreakable web throughout this anthology. Writers do not have to reference these 'rules' in any way, should they choose not to do so, but at the same time they cannot be contradicted:

1. There are several religions, as many as you like, but the biggest of them all is the Church of the Almighty Toad King. Followers of this religion are known as Toadies.

2. Terrorists, if you choose to feature them, no matter what gender or species they might be, only wear speedos.

3. Drunk dialing is the only accepted form of marriage proposal.

4. A cure-all exists—Ecrivain's Specials. Whether it's legal or illegal, cigarettes or something else entirely, is up to you.

5. Caffeine is illegal and is only available on the black market.

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