Day 16 - FlatMatesForLife's Just Fall Asleep

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Just Fall Asleep

by FlatmatesForLife

Conan was laying on his back, staring at the ceiling. One leg bent over the other leg at the knee, hands resting underneath his head and his brown hair in a mess. He always found it more comfortable to be on the floor than on his bed.

Nobody knows what he is thinking about, though when he gets deep in thought, he starts to frown as if he was trying to solve a very hard equation in his head. We could wander into his thoughts, but we may get lost down there, for there are many thoughts that pass through that brain of his that we may get swept away.

A loud piercing knock interrupted his thoughts. His head whipped to his bedroom door just as it opened revealing a blonde-haired boy around the same age as Conan. The boy plopped his bag down on the floor and flopped onto Conan's bed. Completely messing up what was once a nicely made bed.

"Do you have no manners?" Conan spoke from the floor, placing his eyes back on the ceiling.

"Nope." The boy said while popping the 'P'.

"Well," Conan sighed, the dread on his face already visible, "you're about two hours late. So, you might have to stay here longer than planned."

"You said that I could go home at nine." The blonde boy readjusted his hair from his eyes and sat up to look at the boy on the floor.

"Yeah, after you had done three hours of studying, Otto." Otto let out a big sigh and stood up from the bed, making it even messier than it was when he first laid down on it.

"Well then, let's get this started so that I can go home earlier." Conan didn't reply, for he had already drifted back into his own world of wonder. Only when Otto was snapping his fingers in front of his face did he snap out of it, no pun intended. "Why are you lying on the floor?"

"It's more comfortable than my bed." Otto rolled his eyes at the other boy, sighing, he started to pull books out of his bag.

The two boys spent two hours trying to study. Otto just didn't seem to be getting anything right and Conan was trying his hardest to explain it in the way a simple-minded person like Otto would understand. So, Conan just gave him a page of problems and went and laid on the floor again.

He was close to drifting off when he left something nudging his foot. He opened his eyes and looked at what was waking him up from his doze.

"Conan. This was on your windowsill. It says Just Fall Asleep. Did you put it there and forget about it or something?" Conan sat up and took the piece of paper from him. It was about the size of a post-it-note, but the edges had been torn. On one side it was blank, but on the other side it said, 'JUST FALL ASLEEP' in dark, scratchy writing.

"That's... really creepy." he said handing the piece of paper back to Otto. You could see confusing and a hint of fear on his face as he was giving it back.

"It's probably nothing. Do you mind if I stay the night? It's late and I have no way to get home." Otto started packing his studying up while Conan nodded his head and got up off the floor. He went into his wardrobe and got out some blankets and pillows. Dumping them on his bed, Conan let out a big yawn and Otto just happened to catch the yawn too.

Both boys would normally stay up a lot later than eleven-o-clock, but tonight they both seemed very tired. Conan pulled the curtains shut while Otto started to get his bed ready. Once the curtains were shut, Conan walked over to the bed and started to help Otto set it up. Both boys being inexperienced with bedmaking (seeing as their mothers do it for them), they struggled to get it looking as nice as how their mothers do it.

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