Day 30 - anupamarc's The 30th Attempt

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The 30th Attempt

by anupamarc

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious

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All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Sigh, Neo too! Any resemblance to Sci-Fi superstars, living or dead, is purely intentional.


"What's it to be, Neo? Blue pill or the red pill?"

"Red pill. Every single time." Neo's eyes remained calm on the surface. A trick he had learnt very well although his raging heart thrummed louder than Morpheus's hovercraft.

"This world is not the same as the rest. Once you go in, there is no way I can help you out," Morpheus said.

Neo stretched his palm out for the pill. Morpheus dropped the red dot and it went swiftly into Neo's mouth. A quick swallow later, numbers rained around Neo and the room around him vanished.

Day - 30

Days remaining – 67 to Armageddon. Correction Christmas.

Mutiverse – Sigma dimension. Level four.

A set of swinging half-doors, from one of those old westerns, appeared not far from him. The door swung open as a drunkard drifted out, singing an old anthem. Just before the door closed he caught sight of grey eyes, eyes he had been searching for days.

He strode in and banged the bar countertop. "Coffee, please."

She spun towards him and whispered, "Be careful what you wish for. Coffee's an illegal substance and anyone drinking it will be imprisoned without trial."

"Then what're you waiting for? Arrest me." He held his hands in front in a gesture of surrender. "But I believe I'm entitled to committing the crime before I get arrested."

Her elbows rested on the counter, her face inches away from him. "I love you, Neo, but try not to get killed. Now go get the cure."

The glass thumped when it landed on the counter. She brought out a jar and poured the brown liquid keeping her gaze fixed on him.

He downed the warm drink in one shot. Instead of being arrested, numbers dropped once again and the bar morphed into a long stretch of empty road enveloped in the night. A lone wooden door stood in an empty field.

Neo turned the latch and opened the door. A loud scream resounded with a gust of wind and a dinosaur roared into his face. He yanked the door shut before the beast reached out to him. "Bloody hell, it's a Jurassic park in there."

A silver car screeched on the grit and came to a halt beside him. The door tilted open and a teenage kid in a red jacket yelled at Neo, "C'mon. Get in."

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