Day 47 - LookingStunning's Lady Vain Gets Blackmailed Again

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Lady Vain Gets Blackmailed Again

by LookingStunning

Lady Vain enjoyed fine dining. Lady Vain enjoyed junk food. She enjoyed beautiful and comfortable clothing. She enjoyed wearing boots in the summer. She enjoyed running her business, Lady Vain's Beauty & Health Emporium. She enjoyed binge watching comedic tv shows. She enjoyed tea, both hot and iced.

What did Lady Vain not enjoy? Being blackmailed.

Being the well known public figure she was, Lady Vain had been blackmailed a number of times. Most of the time it was randoms or acquaintances she was barely acquainted with who'd go out of their way to fabricate false records or create fake photographs in an attempt to get money or some other expensive favor from her and she'd quickly and easily stomp them out like the insignificant bugs they were.

Lady Vain took great pride in the development of her procedure and the genius of its packaging and marketing. It was above all legal boards, though it might not be everyone's cup of tea.

One might guess that though some might enjoy the prospect of being completely submerged in goo for hours at a time, even more might find the process gross, strange, or unseemly without the proper context.

Enter Lady Vain's genius vision! A combination spa/health center/beauty supply store. What once appeared strange & unseemly now appears unique, innovative, exclusive, & highly sought after.

Yes, our Lady Vain makes a difference in the world and enjoys herself while doing so. She created the goo, and from the goo came the necessity of the tank, follow that up with patents, a sublease, and a rigorous PR campaign, & the rest is history.

Of course, despite being the upstanding and beloved citizen she was, Lady Vain did partake in a few less than legal vices.

Caffeine, especially caffeine nestled within the ambrosia that is chocolate, was one of those many vices.

She indulged often and without guilt. The cupcakes were affordable enough, 500 credits. One time she dared order something called a Choco-Cola cake. That put her back a good 8000 credits and it was worth every bit and more.

Because of her business and well earned spot as a public darling, Lady Vain had always made it a point to find caffeine dealers who valued discretion. Sadly, it was always the same song. Everything goes swimmingly for a few weeks, maybe even a few months, but then the greedy jerks start forgetting who they're dealing with. The last dealer she dealt with lasted nearly ten months. It was always low level flunkies who forgot their manners, she'd tattle on them, they'd be taken care of, and then a new delivery person with better sense would be assigned.

Sadly, it wasn't long before someone too high up in the organization got too big for their britches. Luckily, Lady Vain had found Xan's pleasant little bakery and all was well, until today.

Xaniba was a very talented local baker and just as talented part time drug dealer and now it seemed she was dabbling in blackmail. Xan's cousin ran a relatively successful health blog so you can imagine the damage that could be done to one's reputation and profits if word got out of Vain's discreet indulgences. The relative safety of the drug, and the general populaces's near unanimous agreement that prohibition was BS would be of little help to a public figure.

Lady Vain's Beauty & Health Emporium had been open for nearly a decade and it had transformed the way people view their health, not only in her area but around the world!

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