Part 27

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(Jessica pov)
I don't like it! I hate it! Y/n, stop being a fan gay?! I growl. Maybe I should make my own songs and the princes will notice me. Nanami is also who Y/n doesn't like.  Mason grab my shoulder. "Jessica...I'll take care of Y/n." He said. I scoff pushing him away. "You better. Y/n is a fan boy who's gay even if he doesn't admit it. It's disgusting that a boy likes his own gender. Thank goodness the audition his close! He doesn't have to sing! Tokiya has his songbook! I need to take that away!" I look at Mason and smirk. "Maybe you could do something with Y/n..."

(Your pov)
I walk with the Quartet Night while showing them around the place. Especially the He☆ven. They ask me a lot of questions about this and that. The fan girls follow them around too. "That concludes everything! Thanks for letting me show you around." I said happily. Ranmaru ruffle my hair. "No problem. Hey, maybe we can hang out?" He look at me eye to eye. I felt my body heating up and I stepped away from the group. I hope I'm not an annoying boy to them. The class bell rang making the girls groan. Ai grab my hand. "We have the same period together! Let's make it worth our time!" He cried. Some groups frown. So I walk with Ai down the hall. This boy reminds me of Syo.
Suddenly I felt a hand grab my wrist so I turn around to see Cecil. "C-Cecil? Do you need anything?" I ask. He look at me then got in the middle of Ai and me. "Oh. I was wondering if I could walk with you." The dark hair brunette smile. Ai groan.
"Anyway, remember at the beginning of the school? And we were in the same 1st period. You were sleeping and saying my name. I think it's about I'm your prince?" Cecil smirk at me. Wha?! Oh yeah! That dream where he dropped me in the water and rode off. I scratch my head. " was just a dream. You dropped me in the water while we almost kiss." I said but covered my mouth. I smack my head! Why did I say kiss?! Cecil starts to get closer to me. "Is that so? Meet me outside at lunch." He said until Ai shove him. "Oi! I'm existence you know!"
We arrive class and yeah...
I couldn't help but doze off and fall asleep. I had a dream that Cecil came back and apologized. Yeah! You should! He picked me up and put me on the horse. I couldn't help but smile. Ring!!! The horse ran off and I fell again. Seriously?! It's like I would never get a happily ever after! I scratch my head realizing that students were exiting out of class. Nanami was there. I bet she's gathering attention and yep! She is!
Ren kept saying she has a pretty hair. And eyes too. I only sigh. She saw me and smile. Her face was flush. I only frown and walk away. While walking I couldn't help but of my song??
Someone is singing one of my lyrics meaning they might have my songbook! Who is it?
(Nobodys pov)
Mason quickly took Y/n's book and rip 5 pages of his songs. Then place it down on a table where Tokiya left. So much for safe keeping. Mason move out of the room to give the pages to Jessica. She chuckle reading the songs. They both went to the music room after the bell rang.
She settle herself on the piano and play the song while Y/n walk by....

(Your pov)
Yes! It is! And the person who started singing sucks! I open the door to the music room and peeked in. I was surprise. It was Jessica! She sang my song and play the piano. To be honest, her singing is loud! And when she couldn't reach the high note, she squeak. But the problem is that she's singing my song! How does she know?! Did she take it?! I slam open the door. "H-How?! Those are my lyrics!" I yell. Jessica sigh and smirk. "No it's not. It's mine. I don't think you know what you're talking about." She twirl her bair innocently.
That made me got angry and I quickly snatch my lyrics. "Yeah! It is signed Y/n!! So it's mine!" I growl. "You're trying to steal someone's property!" Jessica place hand on her chest acting shocked. She then chuckle as if I'm clueless. "I didn't steal it. Not everything is me to blame. Let's say they gave it to me as a present." They? What is she talking about?
"You know those princes or Starish groups you adored so much? But got rejected by their love? should check your brain because I don't think you should adore them. They're the one that took the book and never returned it. Sounds familiar?" She innocently pouted.
Now that she mention it, I guess it's true. My book was left on the piano and I heard their voices. It's been quite a while since I never had it back. "What are they p-planning to d-do with it?" I ask anxiously.
Jessica smirk and lean in my ear. "They're going to take your ideas and let Nanami sing's that for your senpai?"
My heart stop

(Thanks for reading!! Is Jessica lying or telling the truth?)

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