Part 5

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(Your pov)
Ring! "Ok students! Remember to do your homework!   On to your next period!" My eyes was so tired I could barely open them. But I eventually got them to open. Ugh! What was the homework again? I realize I had been drooling on my journal because of my dream. My dream was to marry Cecil and ride on a horse to sunset. But there's no way I'm wearing a wedding dress! Cecil wore a prince like suit riding on the horse of my dream than....we kissed. Well, technically it's kinda close to a kiss but when the bell rung he dropped me into the water and rode off. At least he held me? That's good enough. (Not)
When i look to the seat beside me, he wasn't there. Gosh! I wish I could talk to him but it will make things more awkward than before. I shrug and get ready to leave for the next class. Just like before they were surrounded by girls. Maybe it's my chance! I could at least say hello!
Running to them quickly I cried. "Hi!" But they didn't hear me. One of the girls ask," How did you wrote those amazing songs?!"
Ren brushed through his hair sending a wink to the girls. "Well, Nanami was the one who came up with the lyrics and we sang them. She's so special!" Ottoya said smiling. Oh...Nanami...of course she's special.
I wish one day I could show my music to them but I guess girls are the only one to be noticed  by them. I walk pass the group feeling my heartbreak.  I can't just give up this time. I have to try over and over! I mean...they're my favorite singers.
I got to class and sat down. When the teacher came in, the chatter died down. "Hello! My name is Mr. Vonred! Introduce yourself." He said pointing to Nanami. She blush innocently. " name is Nanami Haruka...I love music." Than she went to find a seat. Guh! I'm so jealous. She is cute and need to be protected. While I'm just a boy with no features. Than someone else walk into the room. Yay....could it get any worst?
Ren gave the girl winks. Mr. Vonred just rolled his eyes. "Please sit anywhere that pleases your instinct." Ren walk and sat close to Nanami. She just blush acting cute. The class started and Ren kept on giving her the kisses. I got bored of class (as always) so I took out my songbook and wrote lyrics of how I feel. Right now...I'm kinda upset.
(Ren route)
I love Nanami with all my heart. She's my princess. But what caught my attention is that boy from earlier. It seems like he's writing something on his journal?  What could he be writing? When I look at his face, it shows....unhappiness? I could tell he's frowning and sad but it's not problem anyway. Nanami is my soul here so I concentrate on her. She blush and turn away. So cute. But even though I pay attention to her, I just couldn't stop thinking about the boy. What was his name?

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