Part 22

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(Your pov)
I finish singing my song. My mother clapped her hands. "That was amazing!! You will do very good at the audition!" She smile. I nod back but maybe it isn't good enough. I need to win this!! And I need the pop star prince to notice how good I'll be!! But without my songbook, I couldn't do anything. I have all my diaries, songs, lyrics and even drawings of them inside it. My stomach started to hurt. My mom pat my shoulder. "Don't worry, you will get it back. I promise your prize possession won't be in the wrong hands." I look at her worried. "But mom, as much as I want the princes to notice me, I still care about my songbook. I don't even know where it is anymore. What if someone copyright or sing my songs and say it's theirs!! Gosh! I feel so stupid." I groan and slam my head against the keyboard. "If I could turn back time."
I remember how the princes look at Nanami ever since the 1st day of school. They REALLY love her and I feel like I'm getting in the way of her relationship. Maybe I wasn't meant to be noticed. Is it bad to never give up even though you'll get rejected?
I remember how I been so rude to Nanami. And how the singers look at me when I fan boy all over them. Emotions rushed over me and I started to have tears in my eyes. I cover my face. Am I a gay like Mason and Jessica said? Or am I just a dumb fan boy?

(Nobody's pov)
"I'm friends with Y/n. Do you have the songbook?" Jessica ask sweetly. Nanami frown at Jessica. She didn't like how to 'sweet' she's acting. "Um..we actually-" Ren was about to finish but Nanami stopped him. "How do we know that you are 'friends' with Y/n?" She ask Jessica very seriously. Jessica batted her eye lashes and smile. "Y/n never told you about me? We were friends forever! You must be Nanami! Everyone's talking about you! You stole the singers attention from Y/n! On the very first day, you were the spotlight while the princes ignore poor Y/n who was begging to be noticed. How could you not realize that?" She smirk but smile quickly.
Nanami's eyes widen. She didn't know that she stole Y/n's moment. She didn't understand why Y/n was ignoring and being stubborn when it comes to her. She was so naive. Nanami started to have tears in her eyes. So that's why... She thought. Ren grab both her shoulder. "Nanami?! My princess? What's wrong?" He ask with concern. The group look at her. Jessica was smirking. This is what she wants! She wants her to have pain for being in the middle of her spotlight. "Oh! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you! It's what Y/n had felt the whole time but all of you didn't care!"
Tokiya grunted. "This is all our fault." Syo glare at Tokiya. Otoya look at Jessica and smile sadly. "It's ok. You were just trying to tell the truth. We wouldn't have known how he felt without you." Jessica blush innocently. Yes! They're noticing how sweet I am! I deserve them! Y/n is a boy and they wouldn't marry a boy! Jessica thought. Nanami eyes widen and fainted.
"Princess!!" Ren cried. Cecil grab her from falling. Mason was just watching the whole scene with a pain expression. "Jessica...what are you doing?" He ask. Jessica flip her hair around. "They will notice me instead." She reply with a blush. Mason was shocked. "Do you like them?" He ask but Jessica ignore him and walk to the princes. "Poor Nanami! I'll tell you more about Y/n if you want!" She fake cried. Mason had his head spinning around. He wonder if Jessica loves him or not?
(Your pov)
I was reading some fan fiction of the Uta No Prince Sama. A yaoi version. Gosh! My face flush at the shipping. I was also listening to BL CD of them which made it so much hotter!! Gosh! I'm so weird! I hug Syo's body pillow harder feeling my face flush. I look at the posters of the princes for a bit. Just to be clear, I also have bedsheets of the pop star prince! I know! It's weird. "Y/n! Get down here! It's from your school!" My mother yell as I ran down stairs. "What is it?" I ask. My mom look at me sadly and reply. "I think the audition is canceled."
My heart stopped!!

(Thanks for reading! Why did the audition get cancled?! You have to find out!)

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