Part 29

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(There's too much boys in this anime and I can't even write all of them since it's so much! So I'm just going to randomly pick some!)

I got to the rooftop and sat down. Damn you, Tokiya! I'm going to show all of you guys how I can sing the notes right unlike Nanami. I know I can. I'm such a loser fan boy! I also need to get my book back ASAP!
I will demand them and report them if they don't give it back! Besides the He☆ven and Quartet Night already notice me. I might be able to write songs for them too! I know I have been.....a rude person towards Nanami but I can't help my feelings. I'm just a fan boy who's annoyingly crazy! I hate being that way too! This is why I don't have friends..and more like enemies. I wonder if it's bad to have this feelings.
I'm pretty sure I'm possessive too. I hate being who I am. People just run away from me. I got to apologize to Nanami! I stood up and ran to the lunch room.
I saw her with princes surrounding her. Even admiring her. C'mon! Ignore those jealous feeling and go! I walk up the table. "N-Nanami...can we talk?" I ask shyly. But she didn't hear me.....I think.
"Hey Y/n! What brings you here?" Syo ask. The guys turn to look at me. Cecil smile. "Hey Y/n!!" He cried hugging me. I could feel my heart beating but I need to shake it off. "I-I need to speak with Nanami." I said.
Nanami who look surprise but nod.
We walk outside the school where no one is. "N-Nanami...I'm sorry that I have been rude to you. It's just that I was piss and mad." I fumble my watch. Is she going to say anything? Nanami scoff. "Of course you should be!! Not even a thank you! Hmpf! I was being so nice to you but you have been rude! Jessica is right." She said frowning at me.
Huh? "Nanami, I said I'm sorry. I want to be friends again. I-I'll pay you back for the lunch." I said but she turn away.

"No. I don't care anymore. You're an ass to me! And we cannot be friends! I only give people one chance so deal with it. I'm tired of caring for people who just are plain rude! Please leave! Take your songbook and go!" She yell. "Besides....I enjoy the princes attention too just like a fan boy like you! I'll make a better music! I'm sorry but...they don't like fan gays." She left.

I was stunned. What just happen? All I wanna do is apologize but see? This is what's wrong with me! I guess I should give up on loving the pop star princes to prevent from hurting people. All I need is my songbook back and I'll get out of here. I should get rid of my pop star stuff.
I guess I do deserve it for being a freak!!
This is why you don't express who you are at school! I need to be cool and act as if the pop star is air! Class was about to start and I quickly went to class. Mason was laughing with his friends.
"Oh? Fan gay! Sorry but this is a fan gay free zone!" He laugh getting a high five from his friends. I walk up to them frowning then grab a sharpener full of pencil scraps and dump it on Mason's head.
"The heck?! Dude! What's your problem?!" He yell.

"You need to clean it up. And leave me alone! Whether I get notice by the princes or not....that doesn't give you the right to bully me. Call me whatever! Because I don't think I love the Starish anymore! I love it when your girlfriend thinks about other boys then you." I smile and walk back to my desk. Mason slam his hand on the table.
I guess I got him mad but don't care.

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