Part 6

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(Your pov)
"Y/n! Wake up! It's time for lunch!" I open my eyes. Nanami was smiling at me with a tint of blush on her face. She pull my messy bangs aside with her hand. "You keep on falling asleep in's just so funny. What do you got there?" She was about to grab my songbook but I pulled it away from her.
"Oh! It's nothing! You shouldn't know about it. Probably not that important." I said quickly. Ugh! I don't want to see Nanami right now but if I tell her that she'll ask me tons of questions. "Anyway yeah. We have to get to lunch!" Grabbing my things I dash out of the classroom. "Wait! Wait! Y/n! Where are you going!? Do you wanna sit with each other at lunch?!" Nanami cried running after me. I need to get away from her.
ASAP! I ran up the stairs as fast as my feet can give me! But Nanami was a good runner while I'm so slow. Why did I take the stairs!?
I turn to look at Nanami. She was panting hard but I could tell this girl won't give up that easily when it comes to her friends.
I hit my head on someone's chest and fell down. Just so glad I didn't fall off the stairs. My bag drop the ground letting papers and journals scatter everywhere. I look up to see Tokiya just staring at me. Tokiya!? All I did is try to pick up my papers up feeling embarrass. "Omg! Y/n! Are you ok? Your papers are everywhere. Here I'll help you clean up so you won't miss lunch." Nanami smile and pick up my papers but I swat her hand away.
"No! I'm fine. Thanks. You should go to your lunch!" I said harshly. Tokiya pull her up. "Yeah, Nanami. He's being rude. We should spend time together, so close." He look straight at her eyes. Nanami only blush and stutter." Ah! No! Y/n needs help but if he says he doesn't that I guess I won't. " Tokiya pull her to his side but only to look at me. "Are you sure you don't need help?" He ask.
I advert my eyes away from him. No! I can't just think I could be fallen for this man's kindness. I shook my head.
Than all of a sudden he kissed Nanami on the cheek. She blush so hard and back away from him. My eyes widen and I felt a sharp pang on my chest. He smile and look at me one more time. "Ok." Is all he said than walk away with Nanami.
I felt tears in my eyes but quickly wiped it away. My bangs covered my eyes as I pick up the journals that had been on the floor. My songbook!
Forgeting about the others I tried to find my book. Once I picked up all the things and my book, I decided to just sit at the rooftop and not eat lunch.

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