Part 10

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Badump!! I ran to the rooftop since that place is my spot. Nobody is allowed at the rooftop accept me. The only reason Syo get on the rooftop is because I didn't lock the door on my way there. Once I got to the place I lock the door shut and cried. My heart felt broken. I took out my songbook and ripped the page where I always write about the pop star princes. Than I threw them into the air where they fall to the ground.
Rinnngg! The bell rung but I didn't move. I just want to stay here forever till the day I die.
"Tokiya is right. I can't believe I'm still not giving up on the things that I couldn't do. I was terrible. Why try again when the bad memories are still there?" I ask to myself. "All I ever wanted was to meet the famous singers and become the professional songwriter. That's my goal ever since when I was 13 years old! What a wreck!! So much for having dreams come true.." I sob quietly.

(Back at the lunchroom and Nobody's Pov)

"Y/n..." Nanami whisper to herself. "Don't tell me that Mason's words are true...what are you not telling me?" Natsuki patted her shoulder.
"You do realize this is your fault right?" Syo said looking at Tokiya. Tokiya put his hands up in defence. "What do you mean? It's not my fault that Mason is telling the truth. I know Y/n ever since 7th grade and he wore braces. When he started to sing, it was bad."
"But you guys don't know if he's still good or not!!" Nanami cried. "That was long ago and he doesn't have braces anymore! I feel like Mason is trying to make fun of Y/n! Tokiya, you never gave Y/n a chance to show who he is right now!"
Otoya nodded. "Nanami has a good point but he's a fanboy.  We never thought that boys will love our music. I mean..he did ask us to look at his songbook and we just shun him away. I feel bad now."
Cecil sigh. "We were also paying to much attention to our princess that we push him away." Ren smile. "Maybe we could talk to him...when I was in class I couldn't help but keep glancing at him."
Nanami look around. "Where did he go now?"

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