Girls vs. Boys (25) - Hunter Jonathon Drax

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This is not like a regular chapter of Girls vs. Boys. Read on and you'll see the difference quickly.

I, Hunter Jonathon Drax, am not an idiot. At least, that's what I had always thought. I had been feared ever since the day I was born, all because of who my father was and what he had done in his past. I grew up with people looking up to me like I was a prince, even people who were even older than my father. This made me narcissistic and self-absorbed. This made me think I could do anything and everything without a second thought. This made me who I was.

My childhood was as normal as it could have been. With a loving mother and father, my home life was nice. As an only child, I was spoiled. My father loved me dearly, knowing that I would be the one to take over his loyal gang, the Blazing Brothers.

You might not believe it, but both of my parents treated me like a prince when I was a child. The environment that I grew up in wasn’t the best, but my family loved me very much. My father knew that I was going to do great things for the gang.

But I didn't want to do this, at first. As a child, I was harmless and sweet, only wanting friends that I could play with. But as I grew older and saw what my father would do, I accepted this as my fate. I knew that this was what I had to do.

So when my father died when I was only fourteen, I knew it was my time to step up. To finally become a man. I knew that this was what I was supposed to do.

Many members of the gang weren't happy that I was now the leader. After all, I was really only a child. But they knew that they couldn't complain, because I was my father's son. It was in my blood to be the leader.

I met Erica a short time after I had become the leader. She was the daughter of one of my father's best friends. She was two years older, beautiful, and interested in me just as much as I was with her. We started dating almost immediately, and I thought that what I felt for her was love.

And when I met Jesse Jacobsen, I thought I found one of the most loyal followers yet. He was willing to do anything, just out of pure boredom. He was loyal to me and the Blazing Brothers for almost four years. I never would have thought that he would steal the supposed love of my life from me.

I didn't expect this from Jesse. He had supposedly been in love with the same girl for almost four years. This girl wouldn't give Jesse the time of day, so he just decided that Erica would be good enough?

It was something that I just couldn't let him get away from. I wasn't going to let Jesse Jacobsen live after he had stolen my girlfriend and left the gang without the Blazing Brothers symbol burned into his back. I was going to get my revenge.

Jesse had never done anything with Erica. He didn't like her in that way at all, though Erica truly thought she was in love with him. After I had found out and Jesse rejected her, Erica fled across the country to Maine, where she knew she would be safe. Little did she know, I tracked her down easily and followed her there.

So when I saw Jesse Jacobsen for the first time after everything that had happened, I was surprised to see the girl with him. She was definitely beautiful, but she wasn’t the one that I was focusing on at the moment.

At first, I didn't know who she was, but in the back of my mind I couldn't help but find her familiar. But after I saw the way Jesse protected this girl, I knew that this was how I was going to get my revenge for Jesse stealing Erica.

When Jesse let it slip that the girl's name was Jordan, it finally clicked in my mind. This was the girl that Jesse Jacobsen had been in love with. This was the girl that he loved so much even though she couldn't stand the sight of him.

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