Girls vs. Boys (6) - Badminton

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November 28th, 2007

“You…” was all Lexi was able to say before she burst out laughing. I glared at her when both Dallas and Austin joined her in her laugh attack, and I just stood there and waited for them to finish.

I should have expected this from them. I should have expected it from everyone! But I didn’t think they would start laughing so quickly! And I definitely didn’t think that they would laugh like this right in front of me! Right in my face! Some friends they were… And not to mention one of them was my brother!

Dallas and Austin both fell to the ground like the idiots they were, laughing so hard that I thought their stomachs were going to burst. It wasn’t that funny! I was being serious!

“Do you have a problem?” I asked them snappily once their laughing started to die down. “I was being serious, you know! I’m really good! I really want to join the team!”

“Sorry, Jordy, but you’re probably the least athletic person I know, now counting Chelsea,” Dallas informed me when he finally stopped laughing, wiping a tear from his eye as he picked himself up off the floor. “You’re more of a… acting and singing type to me.”

I wrinkled my nose at him. “I hate singing. That’s AJ’s thing.”

“Just wait, Jordan,” Dallas sighed, leaning against the kitchen island now as Lexi continued to sit on the stool next to it. “One day you’re going to be singing a song about the guy you love! You’ll see. It’s just the type of thing you’d do. It’ll probably be a sad song, knowing you. You’ll probably do something to ruin the relationship! Or maybe the guy will. Ooh! Someone else will come in and wreck your relationship! Yeah, that’s it. You’re more of a singer. Sports, though… They definitely aren’t your thing.”

“It’s badminton,” I reminded him flatly, in case he had somehow forgotten. “It’s like amateur tennis.”

“And you’re definitely amateur,” Austin muttered as he walked passed me to get to the cupboard. I bit the inside of my lip, stopping myself from saying a nasty comment to him. Some brother he was… “Don’t get me wrong, Jordan, I love you and all, but any kind of sport just isn’t your thing.”

“It’s not like I barged in here and announced that I want to play football,” I snapped, almost slamming my fist down onto the island. “It’s badminton! The birdy’s, like, not even an ounce! If I can’t hit that tiny thing with a stupid racket, I fail at life!”


“Shut up, Dallas!”

“I don’t think it’s a good idea, Jordan,” Lexi advised, continuing to eat the cereal that I had poured for myself earlier. “You should listen to your brother. Austin and Dallas, they’re good at sports. I’d be kind of iffy if they wanted to join the badminton team, but at least I’d know they would be able to do it…”

“Do you live here?” I questioned, tempted to take the bowl from her grasp.

“He doesn’t live here,” she reminded me with a full mouth of cornflakes, jabbing her thumb at Dallas, who was eating the other bowl of cereal I had poured myself.

“You two might as well just live here…” I muttered, not knowing if I should go pour myself another bowl. Austin could have stolen it this time…

“I’d love to live here with you, Jordy!” Dallas announced, wrapping his arms around my shoulders and squeezing tightly. “I call sharing a bed with you! Yep! I get you all to myself! Just you and me all night long!”

My face was so got that I really thought it was going to explode. “Dallas! Let go of me!”

Austin glared at Dallas as I continued to try to push him away from me. “Baby sister, man!”

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