Girls vs. Boys (2) - High School

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Nine Years Later…

August 21, 2007

“Jordan! If you don’t get your ass out of bed, I’m going to get a bucket of ice water and poor it all over you!”

I groaned, turning over in my bed to face my blonde best friend as she towered over me. I made a face at her, but all she did was grin. She knew that I wasn’t a morning person, but that didn’t stop her from waking me up. My brother was too scared to wake me up because I had almost broken his hand when he tried to wake me up once in seventh grade…

“Go away,” I groaned once again, covering my head with both my pillow and my blanket. “I don’t want to wake up. I don’t want to go…”

Lexi rolled her eyes at me. “I don’t care what you want, Jordan! It’s our first day of high school! So get out of bed and get ready so we can leave! I don’t want to be late!”

“Go without me,” I waved away, still not removing my head from under my pillow. Why did summer have to end? “This is way too early for me to wake up and you know it.”

“Is she up get?” the familiar voice of my brother rang out as he popped his head through the opened door. “She’s not going to almost break my hand again, is she?”

“I think you’re safe,” Lexi laughed, and I could see out of the tiny crack between the pillow and my bed that she had placed her hands on her hips. “She won’t get up, but she’s awake. I can’t carry her or anything, and I know you won’t risk getting your hand broken…”

I could tell that Austin was grinning. “I know how to get her up.”

“If you poor any type of liquid on me, I will definitely break your hand this time,” I threatened, my head still shoved under the pillow unhappily. If they got my bed wet, I’d kill them…

I heard the door be pushed open, and suddenly an enormous amount of weight was being pressed down on my back. I let out a gasp of surprise, pushing my pillow off of my head and onto the ground so I could get air more easily. When the weight finally went away, I quickly spun around on my back so it couldn’t happen again.

My eyes widened when I saw Dallas lying next to me, and I almost rolled right out of bed. Not only was I not wearing any makeup, but my hair was probably a complete mess! I didn’t want Dallas seeing me like this!

“Morning, Jordy!” Dallas grinned, obviously not noticing how gross I looked right then. “It’s time for your first day of high school! Aren’t you excited? I’m excited for you! Adeline Academy is such a prestigious school!”

“Why don’t you go there for her?” Austin asked him teasingly from the doorway.

“Alright,” Dallas grinned, rolling over me and off the bed, causing me to let out another groan. He jumped up and grabbed onto the skirt that went with the uniform for Adeline, and he held it up to himself. “Do you think this will fit me?”

Austin rolled his eyes at our best friend. “You’re putting some very disturbing images in my head, dude.”

“You want to see me in a skirt, don’t you, Jordy?” Dallas now asked, turning more toward me as he continued to hold the skirt up to his hips. “I’d still look amazing, wouldn’t I?”

“Narcissist,” Austin coughed, causing Dallas to grin and throw my skirt at him. I let out an impatient breath, not wanting them to get into a fight with what I was going to have to wear that day.

“Anyway,” Dallas continued to grin once Lexi grabbed the skirt from the two of them. “Aren’t you excited for your first day of high school, Jordy?”

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