Girls vs. Boys (9) - Dally

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December 16, 2007

When I woke up, I wasn’t surprised to see who was lying next to me in my bed. I let out a sigh, sitting up and staring down at Dallas’s arm as it continued to stay wrapped around my waist. I wondered what time it was… Were there still partiers downstairs? It was light outside… Would people still be here in the morning?

When my door opened, I almost fell right out of my bed. Please let it be a drunk partier and not my brother! If Austin caught the two of us in the same bed, Dallas was going to get killed and I was going to be lectured!

“What the hell?”

I squeezed my eyes shut, hoping that when I opened them again he’d be gone. When he wasn’t, I let out a sigh and removed Dallas’s arm from my waist before Austin could blow a casket like I knew he was going to.

“It’s not what it looks like,” I defended in a bored manner, letting out a sigh as my brother’s face looked like an overcooked tomato. “He fell asleep in here. That’s all. We didn’t do anything, so don’t go looking like that.”

I wasn’t about to tell him about how Dallas had kissed me, because I knew that that would have gotten him ten times angrier. And I definitely wasn’t about to tell him how Dallas had told me that he loved me… Because that was definitely not true.

“Well, wake him up,” Austin ordered, his face still a little red. “We need to clean this mess before Mom and Dad get home. I don’t care if he has a hangover or not. He’s going to help me clean up the mess that his party brought on.”

“I’m definitely not helping you two,” I informed him, slapping Dallas’s arm to try to wake him. Nothing. “I wasn’t even invited to the stupid thing, even though it was my best friend’s party. So you two are on your own.”

Austin rolled his eyes. “I figured.”

“Come on, Dallas, wake up,” I urged, shaking his shoulder now. When he still didn’t budge, I turned toward Austin. “He couldn’t be dead, could he?”

My brother rolled his eyes again. “No, he couldn’t be dead. He’s just as stubborn as you are when you have to wake him up when he’s drunk. Just push him off the bed or something or I will. It’ll teach him for sleeping in the same bed with my baby sister.”

“I’m not a baby, Austin,” I reminded him sharply, still shaking my best friend’s shoulder roughly. “Don’t you remember how I yelled at Dallas yesterday for calling me little? I would not like a repeat of that.”

“Oh, you only yelled at him for calling you that because you’re in love with him,” Austin teasingly gushed, and I almost fell off the bed once again. After what had happened the night before, I didn’t want to be reminded of love. Especially my love for Dallas… “Just send him downstairs when he finally wakes up, okay?”

I didn’t even look in Austin’s direction as I said, “Okay.”

When my brother finally left, I did as he told me. I kicked Dallas in the side, causing him to roll right off of my bed and onto the floor. This definitely woke him up, and he stared up at me for a moment as if he didn’t even recognize who I was.

“Why am I on the floor?” he asked, rubbing at one of his eyes with his hand. “It’s very uncomfortable.”

“It’s what you get for crawling into a girl’s bed in the middle of the night and sleeping with her, pervert,” I snapped, trying my best to sound teasing, but I knew that it didn’t work. When Dallas’s eyes went wide, I knew he thought something completely different had happened.

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