Girls vs. Boys (8) - Party

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December 15th, 2007

I stared down at the gift I held in my hands, letting out a breath once I finally got it wrapped. I never could wrap anything, even if it was as small as Dallas’s birthday present…

It was Dallas’s birthday, and he was now eighteen. I couldn’t help but frown at the thought, since he was growing older and older than me by the day. He was a legal adult now, and I was still pretty much just a little kid. That was all he saw in me anyway…

“Hey, Jordy!” the aforementioned boy called out as he burst through my door, causing me to throw his present under my pillow so he wouldn’t see it. Hadn’t he ever heard of knocking before? Apparently not! “Come on, we’re going to the store!”

I couldn’t help but make a face. “Why?”

Dallas grinned, winking at me. “You’ll see.”

I hated when he did that. It made me feel special, which I knew I wasn’t. He probably did that to Trinity ten times more than he did to me… Even though I knew him longer. But even though I had known him all my life and for most of his, he still chose a girl he had only known for a few years.

Trinity was blonde, leggy, chesty, curvy, and pretty much everything else a Barbie doll was. It wasn’t a big surprise that Dallas liked her… And it wasn’t a big surprise she liked Dallas. He was basically a Ken doll as well… I wasn’t about to admit out loud that they looked perfect together.

I followed Dallas out of my room, forgetting about his gift that continued to lie under my pillow. I’d give it to him later that day… It was going to be his birthday for the whole day.

I hopped into the back of the car, Austin in the driver’s seat and Dallas in the passenger’s. I didn’t get why they had me come along with them to the store when they could have easily gone alone, but I knew not to question them. It wasn’t like I didn’t trust them or anything…

As Austin started to drive, I couldn’t help but steal glances at Dallas as he spoke to my brother about something. He was eighteen. He was an adult now. The boy I had loved ever since before I could remember was an adult and I was just a kid.

I bit the inside of my lip when I realized what I had just thought. Loved? I knew that I liked him, but did I know how to love at only fourteen? As I continued to steal glances at my best friend, I believed that I did.

It was a scary thought, but an exciting one as well. To think that I really loved Dallas…

I couldn’t wait to tell the girls.

“It’s going to be the party of the century, man,” Dallas grinned at my brother as he continued to lean back in the passenger’s seat. I sat in the middle like I always did, listening to the two of them talk and occasionally include myself when I wanted to. “No parental supervision either.”

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at him. He always loved going to parties, but I only found them troublesome. Loud music, drunk teenagers, and who knew what else…

“When is this party?” I couldn’t help but ask, curious as the two boys continued to talk about it as we drove to the store.

Dallas looked back and grinned at me. “Tonight.”

I blinked at him. “Tonight?” I practically squawked, not believing what he was telling me. He was going to a crazy party on his birthday? Didn’t his parents want to be with him or something? “How are you going to a party tonight when it’s your birthday?”

Both Austin and Dallas started laughing. I couldn’t help but feel stupid, even though I didn’t even know why. “Relax, Jordy,” Dallas grinned, still turned back so he was looking right at me. “It’s my birthday party.”

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