Girls vs. Boys (13) - Birthday Surprise

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January 18th, 2008

Jesse's P.O.V.

"I know it's your birthday, but I don't care! Get your ass out of bed right now or you're going to make us both late to school!"

This was the first thing I heard on my fifteenth birthday, and I couldn't help but roll over in my bed and groan. Couldn't my family just lay off me for one day? I mean, come on! It was my birthday! Why couldn't they just let me skip school?

I knew that that wasn't a good idea though, because if I did skip school, I'd end up near Adeline and wait for Jordan to get out of school. I wondered if she even knew it was my birthday today... I had told her, but I didn't know if she remembered or not. I did remember her birthday... May third. I'd always remember that day.

I trudged out of my room after I had changed, glaring at my sister who stuck her tongue out at me. She could have left without me for all I cared. She didn't have to drive me to school. I'd walk if I absolutely had to.

"Remember, Jesse, you have to go grocery shopping after school!" my mother informed me right before I closed the front door behind Camilla and me. Damn it. Why was I always the one that had to go shopping for her? Couldn't Camilla, who actually had a car, go? I didn't feel like walking all the way to the store and then back home after school. I could always pretend that I hadn't heard her...

No, because then she'd bitch at me and I'd have to still go anyway. So I might as well save time and just go right after school ended.

But there was a pro to going shopping, I guess. I had to pass Jordan's school on the way to the store... If I was lucky, I'd be able to catch her before she got picked up.

And I was planning on being lucky.

After school, I walked as quickly as I could toward Adeline Academy. It wasn't that far away from Cambridge... I should be able to catch her if I really tried. Hopefully she wouldn't leave on her own or whoever was picking her up would be late...

I cursed under my breath when I finally got to the front of the school and didn't see her. But I acted calm and cool like I always did, ignoring the gawks and stares I got from other girls. What, had they never seen a guy before? They might have gone to an all-girls school, but the whole world was full of guys...

"Look at that guy over there!" I heard a girl whisper.

"He's so cute," another one whispered right back.

"He's wearing Cambridge's uniform!"

"It makes him look even hotter!"

My task here was to find Jordan, not get distracted by stalker girls...

My face immediately lightened up when I saw her standing right be the parking lot, her arms crossed over her chest. She looked around, obviously looking for her ride, and I knew that this was now my chance to talk to her.

She saw me before I could say anything. "Oh, no."

I smiled. "It's nice to see you too, Emery."

She looked me up and down, obviously not used to my uniform. I'd let myself think that she was checking me out.

"So it's your birthday today, isn't it?" she asked, which I definitely didn't expect and I had to internally snap at myself to not let my eyes widen. She actually remembered my birthday? She turned her head away from me, and I wanted ever so much to slip my hand under her cheek and move her face back toward mine. She puffed a piece of hair away from her face. "Happy birthday, I guess."

I bit the inside of my lip, feeling my cheeks heat up. I am not blushing just because she wished me a happy birthday... I shouldn't be blushing no matter what! I shouldn't let her get to me like this...

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